I’ve recently discovered an absolutely TERRIFIC series of mysteries that is sadly not available in English. They’re by a Flemish Belgian author named Pieter Aspe and the hero is Commissionar Van In.  Apparently they’re massive hits in Belgium, with new titles selling well over a million copies (not bad for a country the size of Belgium!).

Of course, the problem is that they’re written in Flemish/Dutch, which means there is a limited audience. They’ve only just started being published in French and so far only 4 of the 28 titles are translated.

I feel so frustrated reading them, because I know that all of you who love detective fiction would love them. They’re a bit like Peter Robinson or Ian Rankin; complex hero, black sense of humor, three dimensional characters. In my opinion they would be bestsellers in the U.S. as well.

I wish I could read Dutch so that I could read all of them without having to wait for them to be translated into French.  If you DO read either Dutch or French, I highly recommend them. I think this is the first new series I’ve enjoyed so much in many, many years.

Ciao for now.