Almost Spring in the Possum Kingdom!

Once a year, our bank manager asks us to come in for a meeting. Our guess is that his bosses insist he meets periodically with his clients and he has to write-up a report. He’s a nice man, and has always been very helpful to us when it counted, so we always say yes.

It is quite stunning out today; sunny and the temperature must be around 80 F. Limoux, where our bank is, is a town we quite like, so it’s not a burden to go there, except that the parking can be a bit tricky.
After the meeting, we decided to walk to a grooming store a bit farther away. The lady who owns it runs one of the kennels we want to check out. And, after that, we were walking back to the car when we noticed that a new restaurant had opened up on the Place de la Republique

Just opened last weekend

It was just before noon, and they were putting up their menu. They have what we call a “menu” here, which is a fixed price for a set number of courses. It was 13€ for two courses, either entrée and main course, or main course and dessert, and there were a lot of tempting dishes. They had just opened on Saturday, so are truly brand new.
We decided to try it. We had never gone out for my birthday last month, so this was a nice treat. They had trouble finding us a table, because they were already all booked up!
I had the salmon with chopped leeks in a lemon sauce:

Salmon with chopped leeks

And JM had lasagna.  There was a lemon cake with lemon whipped cream for dessert:

Lemon cake

The salmon and leek was outstanding. The cake was nice, but I have had (and made!!!) better. But that leek thing was something special.
This is me; I’m happy:

Me? American? Why do you ask?

JM is happy!

JM enjoying the day


Hope your day is as nice as ours was!

Ciao for now,


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9 thoughts on “Almost Spring in the Possum Kingdom!

  1. Certainly does look like a lovely day, and such nice portraits of you both! (and lunch looked lovely too!) How did the groomer’s “interview” go? whether or not you approached them overtly, 😎 We’re having a LOT of wind and even a little snow this week, here in western Oregon. Hope your weather continues reasonable, even if the unseasonable temp is nice on a temporary basis. At least our snow in the mountains is building up snow-pack for the summer, and hopefully soaking forest-fire tinder!

  2. We still have snow in the mountains but we’re still being told that we’re in for a draught this summer…

    The groomer seemed nice and told us we can call to come up and see the kennels when we want. It’s very convenient ifitworks out.

  3. A belated happy birthday and the leek dish does sound wonderful.
    And how great to find a new restaurant! I do like Limoux, much prefer it
    to Quillan. Last time I looked at the Tour route it didn’t show the various small towns it would go through–will it be in your area, do you know?
    I would prefer to read about it (in someone’s blog) than actually see it and have to deal with the crowds.
    As I remember July is often stormy and sometimes wet in your area, perhaps you’ll get enough rain to help la nature…

  4. I’m not wild about Quillan either, Lynda. But JM and I do love Limoux.

    It’s too early to have the full itinerary for the Tour, I think. They didn’t come through the village last year, but they did the year before, so maybe they’ll be back. But my guess is that if they’re leaving from Limoux, they probably won’t be coming back this way…

  5. Nice portraits of both of you! Here also spring has been in for a few days, when we were in “Le Pays Basque”, but now it has gone away! It has been wind and rain for three days now. Now, we do not have wind, but the rain is still there.
    But, no problem for us at the moment, since we are working inside: we want to refurbish oour small office, and it it has just started by sanding the floor, in order to glaze it. I will start glazing tomorrow.

  6. Thanks, Alberto! Wind and rain today too, although a bit of sun right now. However, they trees are starting to blossom (don’t know if they are cherry trees or what, as I know nada about trees!)

    Renovation work; one of my most hated experiences! Courage, my friend!

  7. A belated response to a belated reading of your blog. I wouldn’t worry about the drought. Half of the UK is officailly a drought region and in our bit we’ve had a hosepipe ban since 5 April since when it’s hardly stopped raining!

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