Seasonal Aggravation

It’s the time of the year when I take the dogs in for vaccinations. I know that you all don’t vaccinate yearly, but I haven’t been able to get titers done and if I want our pet passports to remain valid for travel outside of France I need Rabies vaccines annually here. As to the other vaccines, I do need those if I kennel the dogs, so I do get them done.

I also wanted to get Peaches’ dew claws clipped so she doesn’t injure me when she paws at me (they’re like needles) and I had ordered the kit to test for MDR1 several months back, but hadn’t been able to get to the vet’s to get it done.

So, in the pouring rain, we loaded the dogs into the car and set off. First, we needed to go to the post office to send the documents for finally resolving my mother’s estate back to our attorney in L.A. After making an appointment with the consulate in Toulouse, we called the estate department of the investment company and discovered that our account manager could just sign off on the documents and we didn’t HAVE to get them all notarized! That saved us a more than 200 mile round trip and about $300 in fees we would have had to pay to have all the signatures notarized. But, wouldn’t you think the account manager would have known this?

Anyway, the post office here is also a bank and we had one of the nuns in front of us trying to do something complicated. It took forever. By the time I got back to the car, Peaches was whining and desperate. She does not like being in the car, and I guess waiting for us had made her anxious. She wanted to get out and pee. That would have been fine, but afterwards she was soaking wet and wouldn’t get into the back seat. That meant that JM couldn’t get into the car. I tried getting her out and opening the back door, but Shmoo then wanted to jump out. It took over 15 minutes to get everyone situated again.

By this time, we were having a bad feeling about the whole thing, but once you start you might as well go on.

Miraculously, we got to the vet’s with no puking from the peanut gallery. But, the vet had an emergency C-section that had come in right before we got there. So, we sat and waited, and waited and waited. Almost an hour later we got to see him.

Luckily, by that time, ours had mostly calmed down. Although they were a bit weirded out by all the puppy cries coming from the back room. Then a hunting dog came in with an injured leg. He looked at Peaches. That was bad. I thought Shmoo was going to leap across the room and attack him. He did NOT want that dog looking at his Peach!

At last, we got into the exam room. Although he was terrified, Shmoo did jump up on the exam table under his own power. He didn’t like it, but he did it. Unusually, he was trembling in terror. He never does that, and it’s odd.

Peaches was not going to get up there though, so we had to lift her up. She was very, very unhappy. She actually backed off of the table and was choking to death at one point! We had to struggle to get hold of her and keep her from falling on the floor.

When the vet shaved her leg to take blood for the DNA test, she bled all over the place and he had to bandage her leg. She was not a good patient.

Anyway, the cost for shots for both dogs, worming pills for next time I need to worm them (probably a month or so from now), the blood draw and exam, came to 91€, which I don’t think is bad at all. It would have cost at least twice that in L.A.

We got home with still no puking, so that was good. It was way past lunch time, I had a migraine and I was hungry, but the dogs really, really wanted to go out. So, I put JM’s lunch on the table and took them for their walk. Peaches waited till we were outside and THEN she threw up.

I want a nap.


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11 thoughts on “Seasonal Aggravation

  1. Looks like they got a nap and you didn’t!

    This does not seem like one of those idyllic days that people enjoy in the South of France, Randy! Now that you’ve shared it on Possumworld, you will have people rethinking their proposed relocations, I’m sure! Don’t you know that once you move to France everything is supposed to be perfect? Zeesh – go back and read Peter Mayle, will you?

    Poor Peaches, poor Shmoo, and poor poor Randy and JM! At least you saved the trip to Toulouse and the $300!

  2. Yes, poor Peaches, but what a good girl to hang on until she got home! not at the vet’s, not either way IN the car. Did you ever suss out what might have had them
    “scared” so at the vet’s? My immediate thought was maybe they caught sight or a scent of a clinic worker they didn’t like??? Or maybe, unlike us nose-blind people, there was more blood in the air (from the C-section?) than they’re used to there.

    Anyway, it looks like they’re well into “recovery mode”, 😎

    Have a Merry & a Happy!

    • I’m pretty sure that hearing the sounds of the newborn puppies and the mother when she was waking up from the anesthesia freaked them out.

  3. I get our dog vaccinated annually against rabies even tho’ UK rules require it only every two years; it’s the same stuff and the same dose which French vets use but I’ve had so many “discussions” with the vet in France when he’s been doing the paperwork for us to come home in the non vaccinated year that I decided it’s not worth the aggro. However last time I paid, in the UK, £93 for Rabies and booster shot for ONE dog!

  4. I’m sure it would be more expensive in a big city like Paris, Kathryn. My guess is that those are rural rates, rather than being specifically French rates.

  5. Still, it’s worth it! UK quarantine rules have changed from the beginning of this year and it should make travelling even easier. Happy New Year.

  6. This has to be the most entertaining and funny story about going to the post office and the vet’s office. It is always amusing in hindsight about these little irksome experiences, isn’t not? Hey, at least Peaches did not throw up in the car or the house. Good girl. And, Shmoo is just a jealous guy, which is perfectly fine in my book.

  7. Shmoo has actually gotten much more protective lately. For example, we were walking home from the railroad tracks while it was still dark one morning. There’s an elderly man who seems to be on a similar schedule to ours for his “power” walks, and he was following us down the street. I guess there was something about the way he was walking or smelled, but when he started to pass us, Shmoo leapt at him and not in a friendly way! I was able to hold him back, but the guy was not amused and I was a bit embarrassed.

    However, I guess that means I really don’t have to worry about being attacked when Shmoo is with me!

    • Good job Shmoo. I am sure most of the big dogsowners encounter these embarrassing moments: my daughter got dragged by Keelo on the beach, and me got dragged by him on the hiking trail when he started chasing after a rabbit.

      • With Shmoo, getting dragged is just a way of life, Gene. I figure that everyday without an injury for one of the humans is a good day!

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