Okay, so I didn't have a picture of the actual cake

Cheating here; not Amish Friendship Bread!


Every year, most of France has events for the “Telethon,” which is similar, I think to the Labor Day telethon in the States. I assume there are televised events, but mostly I’m familiar with the local events that villages like ours put on. One of the things we do here is a bake sale on the Saturday market and for the last couple of years I’ve contributed a little something.

So, this year I gave them an Amish friendship bread. I dropped it off at the town hall yesterday, but I didn’t get over there until close to noon. A couple of the ladies who run the charity table started chasing me in the street. They wanted to know if that cake was mine. Slightly worried about why they wanted to know I admitted my culpability in the matter. They all wanted the recipe. Apparently, because it was a big cake, they decided to cut it into pieces to sell individually, and they had to taste it first. I don’t think any of it made it to the sale table! They all bought slices for themselves and one lady bought half of the cake to take home for her family.

I explained the concept and promised I’d give them some starter and translate the recipe.

Anyway, I was seriously flattered. There were other cakes on the table that hadn’t sold even one piece and this is France, after all. Food IS important here, and an American cake impressed everyone.

Now I guess I have to make some more starter, because I actually got tired of keeping mine alive, and how much cake can two people eat?


Ciao for now,


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  1. Wow, I had this recipe many years ago and passed it to friends but now I lost all of it so if you want to put it on your blog some of us will be happy. Glad to read you again, my blog is finished since I came back to Montreal after a 3 months stay in Turkey. I write Part 2 next fall when I go back for another three months stay but it will be in french only this time for my french speaking friends.

  2. Hi, Randy (and JM)! Nadine and myself would also be very interested in having the recipe. Now that we are retired, we (mostly Nadine) have some time to experiment with new recipes, and it looks like one interesting to try. regards to both of you.

  3. I will post it this week. I’ve found a recipe for the starter that appears to be less overwhelming, and allows you to make just what you need for you, rather than having to find patsies to take bags off your hands every ten days!


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