JM and I don’t watch rugby, which is probably not a good thing to admit when you live in the middle of ” rugby country.”  But it’s impossible to live here and not follow what has been going on with the Rugby World Cup to at least a certain extent.  Especially last night, which was the big match up between France and England.

We figured that we’d know the outcome without watching, because if France won, there would be partying in the streets until the wee hours.  If we got to sleep undisturbed, then England had clearly won.  We slept like babies.

We also noticed that there was a lot of traffic for early on a Sunday morning when we took the Horde out for their morning walk.  That meant people had gone to bed at a reasonable hour; another clue.

We’re sorry for all those who care, but I wonder if the local Brits are going to hide out for the next few days?  I’d better make sure I keep reminding people I’m an American!  Don’t want any fanatics coming after me!

Ciao for now.


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6 thoughts on “Defeat

  1. We are english living in Aude, we will be keeping very quiet for the next few days – but at this moment feeling very proud.

  2. Hi Randy & Jean Marc, I havn’t visited your website for a while and so I thought I would drop you a short line. Sounds like your having fun in Chalabre, apart from the obvious problems with electrical goods, and its always good to hear news from down south.
    Rugby, well as you might guess, like your good selves I am not a great sports fan, however on this occasion I was routing for France, shame really that the host nation has been knocked out, but never mind the S. Africans will do to the Brits what the French should have done.
    I am well, actually I am not I have just about recovered from [Man] Flu, or as I am told in the office a cold. Bit of a drag really as its really knocked me out.
    Cathy is great, we talk most nights although its been me coughing and wheezing and her doing most of the talking.
    I was over recently but was pre-occupied as my brother was over from Joburg, its a pity you didn’t meet him as he is a bit of a left winger, not too disimilar to JM….??
    It would be good to see you both sometime, trust that you are well, and speak to you soon



  3. We’re brits living in chalabre (since july), and we love your website and photos. We went to the cafe des sports with our french neighbours to watch england v france in RWC2007. The reaction was superb when I arrived to find I was the only one in and england shirt! Luckily the result went our way, but the best thing was the spirit in which it was taken, much to our surprise- we left at 2am with many new friends and looking forward to the mother of all hangovers! Even more surprising was that only a few of the french were cheering for South Africa in the final!

  4. Paul, after we get back to the village you should stop in to see us. Right now, we’re still in L.A. helping Mom move. It is a horrible trip and I was going to write about it, but for some reason, I can’t log in to my account. Another thing to add to the list of ” worst trip ever!”


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