Second Summer

Yesterday it rained. But it wasn’t some nice, sweet, gentle rain, oh no. It just poured down from the sky in buckets and buckets. The street looked like we’d developed a new river.

After lunch, it had slowed to a mild drizzle, so we though, “ah ha! We can take the dog for a walk.” We aren’t fools, however, and I did put on a rain jacket while JM took an umbrella. We got to just past the 8 à Huit and the rain decided to return with a vengence. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen Shmoo look quite that unhappy.

The problem was that in spite of the weather, Shmoo still needed to do his thing and he just didn’t feel like it. I can understand, I didn’t want to be there either. But until he performed, we had to stay outside. Finally, he gave in and did what needed to be done and we turned back. But by then the part of me not covered by a jacket was so wet that the water was running down my legs and going inside my boots. I’m not sure that I’ve ever gotten that wet during a walk. I felt as if I’d taken a shower fully clothed.

When we got back to the house, Shmoo just stood inside the door dripping, his whole body hunched up in misery. All he wanted was for me to grab a towel and dry him off. It reminded me of the moment when I think he realized he had picked the right home. He had never realized before that there were slaves who were willing to rub him dry with a big, soft, fluffy towel and he liked it! Yesterday, he just kind of pushed into my legs as I dried and you could see him relax with happiness at being dry once again.

I could barely get my soaked trousers off, because they were stuck to my legs, as were my socks! I do need a longer raincoat!

By the end of the day, however, the sun was out again and everything had that clean, fresh look it gets after a big rain.

Today, it is simply glorious; a perfect Indian Summer day; not too hot, a little breeze, skies with that beautiful blue that makes you feel like singing.

It’s clear that fall is here when we go out for our morning walk and it is nippy and still dark at 7 am. But on an afternoon like this one, you can forget for a few hours that the dark days of winter will soon be here.

Ciao for now.


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