Yesterday, when we went out for our morning walk, the moon was just setting above the Blau. I must say that shooting a silver moon in a pale sky while using an iPhone and walking a Shmoo was a bit of a challenge! Luckily, JM took the Shmoo, so one obstacle was out of the way!

After a little playing around, it’s not too bad.

We’re almost at that point where it will start being dark for that walk and the moon will be in a black sky. Easier to see the moon, harder to see where you put your feet.

Already, though,the quality of the light has changed. When we drove to Limoux to look at a kennel for the dogs, we noticed it even though the day was hot and sunny. It’s an intangible “something” that changes the colors. Maybe we’re more like plants than we realize; dropping our summer foliage and getting ready for the dark…

Ciao for now.


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2 thoughts on “Moonset

  1. Yes, it’s still warm and clear here during the day, but evening/dark is definitely coming earlier, and the nights are definitely cooler. (We’re pretty much never up early enough for the morning slide to register, 8-)).

    • Peaches would soon put that “sleeping in” nonsense to rest! Or rather, to NOT rest! I swear she can count the bells on the church tower.

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