Another Summer Gone

Weren't we the height of pool fashion?


I know that there are still three weeks to go until Fall is officially here, but honestly, doesn’t the first weekend in September ALWAYS feel like summer is over. Even in places like the Possum Kingdom, where it’s not Labor Day, it IS the beginning of school. That’s it for “fun,” Kids, time to get back to the grind.

One of the things about living in an area that has a lot of tourism, is that you know immediately that the season is over, because you just stop seeing strangers in the village. Sure, there are the occasional hangers on who don’t have children to worry about, but mostly, the tourists are gone. You can go into the grocery store and park with no trouble, the aisles are no longer chock full of confused looking foreigners, there are no whining kids (except on Wednesday) and there is just a feeling of life returning to normal.

I know that I’m odd, because I always look forward to Fall. And it’s not just now, as an adult. I liked it as a kid too, because I actually enjoyed going to school; it gave me a sense of purpose for my day I suppose. Now, I enjoy it because I like the cooler weather a lot. Come on, admit it; you really want to try on that new sweater you found on sale this summer, don’t you? Aren’t you looking forward to that first cool, fresh day when you can put it on and know that soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? And, for those of us who LOVE television, it’s the beginning of the Fall TV season, when we get to see what’s new with our favorite characters from years past and maybe find a new have series too.

So, let’s celebrate the Fall and not mourn the long lost days of  Summer.

Ciao for now,


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8 thoughts on “Another Summer Gone

  1. Even though this summer was so beastly hot, we are still mourning the shorter days and the impending autumnal breezes. We are NOT mourning 100-degree temperatures, though. Summer was so awful this year that we didn’t get to do a lot of the things we enjoy, which is partially why we are sorry to see it come to an end. But yes, fall in Chalabre – what a treat!

  2. So, c’mon, give! which one were you, red-suit or black-suit? Even with the pic that size, your mother is clearly the pretty lady in the middle. We’re finally having some summer-ish weather here, high this week is supposed to be 92 for several days in a row. At least it’s dry which is good for packing.

  3. I’m the red one, and, yep, that’s my mom, dad and sister. We were very unusual in having a pool back then! Those little seahorse floats were the dickens to ride until you got the hang of them. I was sorry when their little foam heads finally broke off!

  4. We have also a bit of fall weather here in Montreal, 15 today. You are so right, I cant wait to wear that front zipper brown and beige heavy fleece jacket that I bought last fall in your “once a week Chalabre market”. It is lovely, warm and good looking and its made by Geographical Norway, still cant see if it is a copy or the real one since it was only around 40 euros..

  5. I don’t know that company, Suzanne. I have a pair of Fjällraven trousers from Sweden though, recommended by Swedish Chalabre resident Mark! The most comfortable trousers I’ve ever owned and so far seem Peaches proof!

  6. As I sit here putting off getting down to work the rain is lashing down, a gale is blowing and although it’s not cold I can think of NOTHING to recommend Autumn. All that dying and melancholy. I’ve never liked it although I love winter (crisp, cold and invigorating in spite of the English rain), spring (full of promise) and Summer. I never looked forward to the children going back to school and having to watch the clock all the time. Perhaps there’s something in Astrology after all and Leos really do need the sunshine?!

    PS. I’m with you; it’s obvious that dogs are people too.

  7. Kathryn, even though it is Fall, we’re still getting plenty of sunshine here. In fact, we’re still in summer mode as far as closing shutters and windows during the day and opening them at night. But I DO get to wear a sweater in the morning, and we,ve made an appointment to get the heater serviced and the chimney swept, so I know cooler days are coming.

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