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  1. This particular shot I took with my regular digital camera. Most of the other photos I’ve been posting lately I’ve taken with my iPhone. I have the first generation iPad that doesn’t have a camera. Frankly, after using it since Christmas, I find the idea of taking pictures with something of that size rather strange. It’s very unwieldy.

  2. Hope all is well with you both, seems like a long time since we’ve heard from you. Life gets busy though, eh?

  3. I actually started a post the other day and got interrupted in the middle!

    I had a major computer crash and am trying to put everything back to the way it was before!

  4. After meeting you and spending some time in your village last summer, I certainly worry more about you and your family not reading your blog since your last post in April. I am missing your input on the life of americans in a small french country village and I do hope you are all safe and sound and enjoying la belle vie. It can be a choice to stop blogging; after 7 years of 3 times a week blogging, a friend of mine in Montreal is thinking to drop hers in a soon future and concentrate on other forms of writings.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. It’s not really a choice to no longer blog, it’s just that there are so many other things that seem to have a call on my time that I often don’t get around to it, or I’m just too tired. I have every intention of starting up again though.

      The sad thing is, that I often think of things that I want to write about, but by the time I get 10 minutes to myself, they’ve gone!

      We are all well though; just busy. Aren’t you supposed to be coming back to these parts for another visit?

  5. You are right, I was planing another trip in the fall to my ancestors village of Rivel with my brother, but instead I will go to Turkey for a three months stay where I rented an apt in Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast. I wanted to do that for such a long time that I could not avoid it anymore… so my trip to Chalabre will be postponed for a little while. So glad you are all well, I agree with you time flies and priorities become important to manage our life the way we want and not the way we should.
    Have a super summer Madame.

  6. Me and my family – the Swedes @ 3 Rue Saint Antoine, Chalabre really miss your ‘Possum stories’.
    Its the only way we have to stay connected with our second home in Chalabre.

    I hope all is well and that you will resume your writing soon:-)

    Best regards

  7. Hello, Randy,
    I also got interrupted in my blog for about one month (too busy, also), but now I started again. I hope all is well on your side, and also that you will have time to blog again.
    Regards to you and to Jean-Marc.

  8. Hi Allberto. I DO plan on getting back to the blog, but it has been very hectic here. My mom passed away last month and we are still getting caught up with things that need to be done. But soon!


  9. Oh my God, so sorry to hear this bad news. You and your family have all my deapest sympathy, take care of yourself Randy. Will be thinking of you.

  10. Thanks, Suzanne. She was quite something, my mom. Even if the last few years weren’t always easy, I’m happy we had them together.

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