Village Serendipity

One of the things that is so cool about living in a village is that there are always things that surprise you.

On Saturday, we noticed some people walking by our house and kind of staring at it, then, when they saw us looking at them, they kind of smiled as if they knew us. We had no idea who they were, but we’ve met so many people over the years that we thought we might have met them but couldn’t remember.

A little while later we took Shmoo for his walk and ran across them again and smiled, then continued on our way to the gardens. As we were coming home we ran into them yet again! They were a man in his 50s, a young woman in her early 20s and a baby about 18 months old. They young woman asked if I was Randy, as it turned out she was reading my book. I should point out that they were French, not English.

We started chatting and found out that the man (Robert) was the young woman’s father and he had just bought a house in the village. We talked for about 10 or 15 minutes, then started to leave. As we were walking away, Robert said in English, “I am a piano tuner.”

Now, not only was this an unusual thing to say, but as it turns out, JM and I had been looking in the yellow pages about an hour earlier, hoping to find a piano tuner in Limoux who could come to look at Mom’s piano! Needless to say, we stopped dead in our tracks at that prononucement. What are the odds that one would run into a total stranger on a walk in the countryside and that stranger would be precisely the type of person you were hoping to meet? I’m still astonished about it to be perfectly honest.

At any rate, Robert and Laetitia came over on Sunday for a look at the piano. Mom has had it since she was a little girl (quite some time ago!!!) and it seems that it’s a very good piano, very well made and, strangely, although it is out of tune, still sounding pretty good for all of that.

We agreed that Robert should work on it this week and he’s coming this afternoon. Mom started to reminisce about when she got the piano and became all teary with the memories. I don’t think there’s anything we could have done for her that would have made her as happy as getting her piano tuned seems to have done. She’s already started to play on it again, even without the work being done.

Another great moment in the Possum Kingdom.

Ciao for now.


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  1. Thanks for this lovely story of the small wonders of life. Just thinking about the piano being tuned made me start to hum a little tune.

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