Serpent World?

I know that we have snakes in the area, but except for one squashed snake a couple of years ago I haven’t had any run-ins with them. That is until yesterday.

We came home from our post-dinner walk and I looked down to see Shmoo acting silly with something on the floor. I pulled him away (he was still on his leash) and I immediately saw that he was not playing with his leash, but that it was a  SNAKE!!!

Of course, I did what any rational person does in a situation like that: I screamed out SNAKE as loudly as I could. I have to say that neither JM nor me likes snakes, well, duh!

The problem is that I also know nothing about snakes other than that here we’ve got two   kinds: garden snakes and vipers. Yes, I know that vipers can be recognized by the “V” on their heads, but frankly, I wasn’t going to get that close to it.  So, as we stood there hyperventilating and trying to keep the dog away from it I told JM to stomp on it.

In retrospect, I suppose that this wasn’t the most rational response I could have had, because if it was a viper that was probably dangerous. But, not ever having had a snake in the house before, I couldn’t think of anything else. JM reacted bravely and, since he was wearing his big walking shoes, ably took care of the snake, which was now “late.”

We managed to get it into a trash bag and dumped it, and here again, I suppose it would have been more rational to keep it to show someone who knows about these things and could have told us whether it was a viper or not.

I honestly have no idea where it came from or how it got into the house and I suppose it will forever remain a mystery. I can say that for the first time since I’ve lived here, I felt insecure in our own home last night because I kept looking for snakes everywhere. We were, in fact, quite lucky, because if it was a viper, Shmoo or one of us could have been bitten and today’s entry would not have been quite the same…

Ciao for now.


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4 thoughts on “Serpent World?

  1. Hello

    Just been looking at a small house for sale on a website in your village there which looks really nice. Wondered if you might be able to tell me a little about the village or suggest where I might find some pictures of it.

    Best regards


  2. We have lived in Puivert for 10 or 11 years. I think you will find there are more than 2 types of snake. Some of them are huge – we have seen them several feet long.

    Vipers are quite small, but there are a lot of them. In Coustaussa we once saw a writhing mass of them in a gutter. We have seen lots dead on the road. We have had live ones in our courtyard. We have had one in the house, which caused us to go out and buy one of those things which old people use to pick up their socks from the floor – a thing with a trigger at one end and a gripping thing at the other end.

    Snakes generally are very keen to get away from humans, but one cornered in the house is a different matter. I whisked the first one out with a fly swatter – this obviously took lots of whisks or swats and the snake became angrier and angrier.

    Another thing is that if you do capture one and you want to take it out to release it in the fields, the locals will think you are crazy – you will see spades poised to chop off the varmint’s head.

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