End of Summer

It is clearly the end of the summer season, although the weather continues to thumb its nose at the departing tourists by being hot and mostly sunny. Nothing like making people feel even worse about having to go back to the daily grind.

The subtle clues of the “rentrĂ©e” are there. First, when we take our morning walk somewhere around 7 am, there are suddenly far more local cars on the road with drivers who are clearly on a “mission” that goes beyond picking up the morning baguette. Second, the foreign license plates (including those from other departments of France) are disappearing rapidly.

Mothers are smiling, kids are looking miserable, and not so subtle reminder that school starts tomorrow.

The hypermarches are packed to the gills with school supplies and those are the aisles with traffic jams in and around them. I still remember how much I loved buying my new school supplies, even though I had mixed feelings about going back to school. Some things never change.

In our village, the summer homes are now shuttered. Our good friend Bernie left for Ireland yesterday, a week after David and Jane left for London. That’s one of the worst parts of the end of summer; seeing all of our friends heading back to their real lives in other zip codes. You really do wish you could keep them all the time.

We’re left with an odd bitter sweet feeling about it all. I miss our friends who are only here for holidays. This summer in particular, there has been a hustle and bustle to life in the village and beyond as we had more visitors in the area than during the last couple of years. At the same time, I like the normal peace and quiet that we enjoy and won’t really mind getting back to that. What I will really enjoy is that with the kids back in school, there will be less motor scooters roaring around the streets with bored adolescents circling and circling and circling with their friends; at least during most of the day.

The newspaper has an article on saving on one’s heating costs this winter.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs of change.

Ciao for now.


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