My favorite time of year is definitely here. You can smell wood smoke in the evening air, although I still don’t think it has been anywhere near cold enough to need heat or fireplace. But my neighbors don’t share that feeling and are getting in the winter oil and wood supplies.

We’re holding off on filling the fuel tank for a bit, as we’ve had an expensive few weeks. I DID change my stove for an electric oven and induction top. I love it and regret not having done it sooner. I really, really hated schlepping those gas bottles!

But, no sooner had we decided that we would go ahead and do that but than my computer died following our trip to L.A. Talk about a necessary but unexpected expense.

Then, yesterday, the power went off. Now, it was raining, and it has been raining a lot this week, so my first thought was that a tower was hit or flooded out or something. But when I looked across the street I saw that the neighbors had lights. Clearly, the problem was here.

Perhaps it was the new stove. It had, strangely, been delivered without an electrical cord, and our electrician, Stephan had not realized it was induction, so he brought the wrong cord. Even though the stove wasn’t on, I thought I would unplug it, just in case. I flipped the breaker switch and POOF the power went out again. Not the stove then.

The only other thing that was operating that could have been responsible was the dishwasher. I turned that off and flipped the breaker. This time the power stayed on. Again, we thought it might have been caused by the stove (although I really couldn’t see how). Of course, when water started pouring out of the dishwasher, I realized that was our problem.

Luckily, super-plumber, Christian Drouin was able to come over quickly. After about 2 hours taking everything apart, we realized that the pump had blown. Now the dishwasher is just 2 years old. At first, we thought it was out of warranty, but amazingly, we seem to have actually purchased an extended warranty for it. We never do that, so it was quite a surprise.

Now we need to see if we will have a fight on our hands, or if they’ll actually repair it for free. In the meantime, I actually find I don’t mind washing dishes by hand. There must be something wrong with me.

Maybe it does have to do with the season. Chores like reorganizing the kitchen, cooking, doing dishes, etc., all seem very cozy and pleasant right now.

Ciao for now.


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