Three Immigrants

Last night, when we came back from our evening walk, our neighbor, M. Martinez was in a bit of a panic. He is taking care of his daughter’s cat while she is on vacation and he couldn’t find it. We opened up the apartment where the workers had been all day, just in case she’d gone in there, but no luck.

This morning, when I saw him I asked if he had found her. He had, but the news wasn’t great; it appears she’d fallen out of an upstairs window onto the back street and he’d found her outside his backdoor. She was bleeding a bit and limping. Clearly, this was not a happy cat.

I told him if he needed to get her to the vet that I would help. A couple of hours later he rang the bell. He had decided that all of us who were giving him advice were right. So he loaded her into her cat carrier and off we went.

It turns out that the poor critter had broken a couple of the small foot bones, so our vet sedated her and wrapped her up. Now, she looks a bit like a mummy, poor girl.

After he’d finished, M. Martinez, Dr. Un Ren and I were standing in his office chatting a bit and I had a sudden revelation: all three of us were immigrants. It was a very odd and also meaningful moment for me. Three strangers from different backgrounds, with different educations and different accents, all standing around in a veterinary office discussing the injured paw of a cat. The world can be an interesting place.

Ciao for now.


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