Feeding Raw

We’ve passed the two month mark with me changing the dogs over to raw and I thought I’d report for those of you thinking about it or just interested in how it’s going. 

As far as the dogs are concerned, it is a rousing success! Shmoo hasn’t fussed once about not eating  since we started and Peaches, who didn’t mind the old way, is even more excited about mealtimes and if I’m five minutes late in putting down their dishes, she comes to watch me with drool coming out of her mouth. 

I really am delighted to see Shmoo rediscover his love of food. I’ve always felt uncomfortable that I couldn’t tell if he was off his food because of illness or boredom. And, the dog who wouldn’t eat if there was a vegetable on his plate, now licks up every last molecule of food, no matter what it’s origin. 

I have calmed down a lot in worrying over whether I was feeding them properly or not. After all, the humans in the family manage to survive quite happily on the food I prepare, so why should the dogs be any different?

The cost is harder to compare, since I buy the meat for them with my weekly shop and the frozen chicken patties come with my frozen food order for our food. However, if I consider what I pay per kilo versus what a kilo of dried food costs for a premium brand that I have to get shipped from Germany, I think it’s very similar. First, most supermarkets here sell leftover meat for animals, so it’s not a special order. It’s all meat that was fit for human consumption, but may be cuts that are a day past when they can sell them for people or just scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. Also, the guy we buy our beef from gives me 10 or 15 kilos of scraps for free when he delivers my order. 

I buy a dried veggie mix that I rehydrate, salmon oil and a super greens blend of stuff like kelp, wheat grass and digestive enzymes from the pet food store I use and I do buy dried meat treats. But that’s all stuff I bought anyway. 

The dogs, who looked good before, look even better now. Peaches had a kind of thin coat, even in winter, and now it’s much, much thicker and both dogs feel soft and silky to the touch. 

I suppose the downside for me is that I no longer have as much freezer space for the humans’s food and I do spend a bit more time in preparation, but that’s really just a matter of thinking about meals a bit ahead of time more than anything else. 

So, all-in-all, this has been a positive experience for all involved. 

Ciao for now,


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4 thoughts on “Feeding Raw

  1. that’s great. we are currently companion-less because of allergies & insurance (have no insurance, so can’t afford allergy care, so no cats or dog). will keep this in mind if/when conditions change, however.

  2. I’ve been reading about raw, so this is good news. The Dr. Pitcairn book has a number of useful recipes, and supposedly any extra food cost is offset by having healthier dogs or cats. My guys get acidophilus and (at various times but not all at once) a big pinch of granulated kelp, some whey powder, olive oil (good for coats in dry winter). Plus I cannot slice a carrot or a cucumber or break off lettuce stems without a very attentive audience. Oh, and banana slices are a big hit, too.

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