It might as well be spring

I know that the change of seasons is still a month away, and that many of you are still suffering the pangs of winter blues. But here in the Possum Kingdom, we have been unbelievably spoiled this year.

Things are already starting to bloom, and most days we can go out with just a light jacket. Even the early mornings aren’t THAT cold, with temps around 7 or 8 degrees C (low 40s F). Then, this morning, for the first time I realized we had reached that magical moment when I no longer feel the need for carrying a flashlight around with me for that first walk of the day.

There was also a wonderful chorus of birdsong and the other day we saw our lovely blue heron, whom we haven’t seen since last fall.

The Committee des Fetes is already meeting to plan this year’s village events and before we know it, the clocks will be springing forward (unfortunately).

Shmoo has pretty much totally blown his winter coat. We’ve been picking pieces of it out on our walks and leaving it in the gardens so the birds can use it to build their nests. I’m sure it will make lovely, soft, warm nests for some soon to be born baby birds.

I looked in the cellar and realized we had hardly burned any wood this winter, because we just haven’t needed a fire in the fireplace more than a few times. No wonder we all laugh and say we live in the Privileged Land! We see the weather forecasts for all around us, but we’ve been truly lucky.

This week we did have a massive amount of rain, and the rivers are all running high and fast. But that is a good thing, and although it is less fun for dogwalking, it is also important to have it, so I try not to complain too much.

May you soon see signs of spring wherever you are.

Ciao for now.


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7 thoughts on “It might as well be spring

  1. Indeed, here also everything has been starting to blossom. I am a bit afraid that some day it may snow and freeze again, and kill all those new flowers and leaves. Last year, it snowed in March, and it may happen also this year.
    But indeed, the longer days are really welcome. I really dislike living mostly in the dark.
    Here we had some rain, but not too much, and there has been no real flooding.
    All in all, even if there are some drawbacks, I truly believe that the south of France is indeed a very nice place to live. We are very happy to be back here!

  2. Hope the mild winter doesn’t bode ill for a really hot summer… but right now I’m really looking forward to some nice warm rain! We’re having a cold snap and snow(!) for the third(!) time this winter here in the southern Willamette Valley, OR. Not very much snow any of these times, but folks of my generation pretty much don’t expect snow on the valley floor more often than about once ever 5 years!

    We join you in dismay at the early arrival of “daylight” time, also. We’re sure that they powers that keep stretching it to cover more months are completely clueless that they’ve gone past the tipping point — we’re now using as much of the supposedly saved energy to heat and light the opposite end of the day!

    Luckily, our ancient apple is a VERY late variety and won’t be fooled by early warm weather (which we actually did have a very mild week or two earlier this month). Otherwise, daffodils, primroses & flowering quince are hardy enough to handle a few days in the 20’s.

    • Around here, “common wisdom” is that a mild winter means a cold summer. I don’t know if that’s true or not though.

      As to stupid DST, I keep hoping that one day they will just stop it all together…

  3. Agreed with you and Chimene re DST–it’s a real pain.

    But longer days are most welcome. In NC, little green things are coming up out of the ground, and there’s much birdsong in the mornings.

  4. I just today realized that I haven’t posted for a while. I think life (mostly parents) has gotten in the way by sucking the creativity out of me momentarily!

    I’ll try to post an update later today.

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