Eye see you

I do NOT have a detached retina! I was starting to be relatively sure that I didn’t, but we went off to the ER at the Clinique Solano in Lavelanet this morning, just to be certain.

The doctor on duty came in to examen me and said they always have an opthalmologist on call for emergencies. When I told him I had called and been told otherwise, he actually seemed pretty annoyed (not at me!). I guess the person I spoke with on Sunday didn’t want to be bothered.

At any rate, he thought I definitely needed to be seen by the opthalmologist, so the nurse took me upstairs to the proper department. I was taken in ahead of a couple of other people who were there before me (they were not amused) and examined, then had drops put in, then went back to wait. After a bit, I went back in again where an even more uncomfortable eye exam took place.

The upshot of all of this is that it’s something that happens to many (if not most of us) as we age; the vitreous layer of fluid in the eye changes texture and kind of collapses. The floaters that we see are from cells that are floating around in the fluid. However, it is ALWAYS a good idea to get anything like this checked out, as the fluid can put extra pressure on the retina and cause tears or eventually seep behind the retina and cause it to detach.

Those of us with severe myopia (even if we’ve had laser surgery to fix our vision) are particularly at risk, as are those with diabetes or anyone who has suffered an eye injury.

I feel relieved and will be happy again once the drops wear off and I can see in the light instead of sitting in semi-darkness!

Ciao for now.


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3 thoughts on “Eye see you

  1. Randy,
    My mother just went through this exact same thing (except she is in the US). She is fine and she merely had a rather large “floater”, but until the definitive diagnosis we all were rather concerned about her. I’m glad your situation turned out to be nothing more than “getting old” as my mother says.


  2. Thanks, Jess. It is indeed frightening and now it’s really annoying because I keep thinking that there are “things” flying around me! I can’t wait for it to stop.


  3. Randy,
    My mother’s analogy was that it was like looking through a big dollop of translucent hair gel. She is an incredibly patient woman and it really got to her. It’s gotten much better, but it did take some time. I feel for you Randy. I hope it clears up soon.

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