Never on a Sunday

Or a holiday of any day in the week!  That is: get sick.

France is not a good place to have an emergency during the summer holidays or on a holiday weekend like this one (14th of July), at least not when you are not in a major city.

Saturday night, I started having some weird stuff going on with my vision. It could be the beginning of a detached retina, or it could be nothing at all. Unfortunately, you can’t really tell without a thorough eye exam. Since it didn’t seem to be getting worse, I figured I’d wait for Sunday and reassess the situation.

Of course, Sunday was ALSO the village-wide vide grenier (garage sale) and I had an entire garage full of stuff that I wanted to try to sell. We got up, walked the dog and set the stuff outside, and I told JM that if he would stay there and sell it, I would call the local ER and see if they had anyone who could look at my eye. Nope, not on Sunday. They suggested I call the bigger hospital in Foix. I did and the person who answered said I should just call “15,” which is the number you call to get the local doctor on call. I doubted that he or she would be able to do much, so I am going to tough it out until Tuesday.

I know, if it’s a detached retina, that could be stupid, but it has not gotten worse so far, and I’m being very cautious.

Emergencies were one of the things we did think about when we moved. After all, we are both used to life in a big city where almost everything is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Still, with emergency rooms closing down right and left in L.A., and the fact that by now we would have probably been uninsured, I’m not sure I would have wound up doing anything differently on a holiday weekend there either.

Life is all about choices, and sometimes you just have to choose and hope you did right. Besides, now my garage has room in it again!

Ciao for now,


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