Hopelessly behind

Somehow, at this time of year, there is never enough time!  I have meant to come and post here for days and this is the first chance I’ve had. And, in order to do it, it means I can’t actually work on something else. My only consolation is knowing that almost everyone else in the western world is in the same situation.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, with our friend Diane visiting us from her temporary home in the UK. I make a lot of turkey breast for us on a regular basis, and I told Diane that I just couldn’t stand the thought of MORE turkey for Thanksgiving. So, instead, I made a traditional Thanksgiving pot roast! I discovered that stuffing goes really well with pot roast, so now may have to make it every time.

I found a great recipe for a pumpkin pie cake that was easy to do and actually way better than plain old pumpkin pie. Even JM, who declared that he hates pumpkin pie, liked it. It was really more of a crumble than a pie and I will be doing that again too.

Besides celebrating Thanksgiving, it was also the first annual Peachiversary! We found our darling Miz Peaches LaRoo one year ago on the day after Thanksgiving. And how thankful we have all been for that.

On Saturday was the Foire au Gras in Limoux, which is a food festival mostly devoted to duck. As always we made some excellent discoveries, including some delicious jams for a woman who came from near Perpignan.

Also, we tried out a new restaurant, and what a find! Called TONTON & TONTINE, it looks like nothing special from the outside. But a friend in the village had recommended it. I would have to say it was one of the best restaurant meals I’ve had in a very, very long time and an experience I would be happy to repeat. I have their card and will put the details up on this site soon. I’m just feeling too lazy to go downstairs and get the card.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I have some new pictures to upload, as we also decorated the tree and wrapped presents. All that without having to go through shopping on Black Friday!

Ciao for now,


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4 thoughts on “Hopelessly behind

  1. I googled for your restaurant, got several variations on the name. But it sounds like a really good place.

    Bon anniversaire to Mlle. Peaches.

  2. Per pages-jaunes, it’s:
    Tantine Et Tonton (EURL)
    Activité : restaurants
    .29 av Fabre d’Eglantine 11300 LIMOUX

    04 68 31 21 95

    Felicitations to Ms Peaches…and to you and JM for adding her to your family.

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