They’re here!

In a sure sign that summer really IS here, the vacation people are showing up all over the place. True, the first clue is all those license plates that aren’t from “around here.” But it’s also the accents, the cars driving around with people looking out the window in confusion and all the different faces on the street.

Since there has been some doubt as to how the falling pound and dollar would affect tourism, it’s actually nice to see them. Although, I’ve noticed that there is a higher percentage of cars from the Netherlands and Germany than there are from the UK. It could be that it’s too early for British visitors to arrive, but I would imagine that the low pound is partly responsible.

Unfortunately, all the work on Mom’s house is blocking several parking spaces, which I’m sure is not appreciated by everyone, but there’s nothing that can be done about that. I apologized to the folks who live next door to her (who come from Montpellier) and they were very gracious about it all, saying not to worry. I should probably take them a bottle of wine as a peace offering though.

So far, the weather these last few days has been cooperating with the nice visitors, and the sun has been shining but it hasn’t been blisteringly hot. Pretty much ideal conditions for most of us. The little plants all seem very happy about things as well, and I’m expecting to see all kinds of produce showing up in the gardens.

The tourists also mean that our friends from Ireland and the UK will soon be here as well. It will be a pleasure to see them. Indeed, Bernie from Dublin is due tomorrow, although as her sister, Fiona, gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, that might be on hold for a day or two so that Auntie Bernie can say hello to her new little niece. CONGRATULATIONS FIONA AND JOHN!!!!

I’m also pleased to report that Mom is starting to feel a bit better. I suddenly had an inspiration yesterday, when I realized that on the nights following her physical therapy sessions, she was in far more  pain than on the nights when she hadn’t had therapy. Well, you think I could have figured it out earlier! We cancelled her session for today, and she is in a much better frame of mind and with far less pain. Now, if only it continues this way, she should be in super shape by the time she is ready to move into her new digs at the end of the month.

May the good times keep on rolling.

Ciao for now,


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