Close Encounters

Of the tree sheep kind!

We were out on our lunch walk when Peaches went totally bat shit nuts! There was a squirrel on a tree (very low tree too) right in front of her! The poor squirrel was trying to get across the path to a tree closer to the river, but Peaches was having NONE of that, thank you very much!

Shmoo (on leash) felt that he needed to get involved, but at least I was able to drag him away. We didn’t want either of them to hurt the poor thing. We have lovely, red squirrels here. They are much sweeter than the evil, grey gang squirrels in L.A.

Realizing that there was no way he was going to get past the hound of hell, the squirrel made a run for an alternate route by going back the way it had come and through another garden. Of course the Peach took off in hot pursuit.

Normally, she has an excellent recall and even comes back from chasing after cats. But I’m afraid the provocation of a squirrel hunt was too much and she just went BC deaf and blind: “I can’t see you; I can’t hear you, so you can call me as much as you want, I’m not coming!”

Finally, because she was chasing it into places I consider dangerous (there’s a semi-abandoned garden that looks more like a dump than a garden), I decided I had to go after her and put her on leash. Luckily, after I climbed a low fence and got to within a few feet of her, she actually DID come to me, so I was able to clip on her leash and tell her what a good girl she was, even though I wasn’t “feeling” that way inside!

I guess the squirrel made it safely across the path. The dogs are now both sacked out, dreaming dreams of squirrel hunts with “happier” endings.

Ciao for now.


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4 thoughts on “Close Encounters

  1. Oh, I have so been there, done that. My late, lamented Siberian husky would take off like a rocket if she could chase something small and furry that ran fast. Usually with me running behind, shrieking Come back, Come back! 🙂

  2. hehehe i just added you to my twitter follower thingimijig and i got

    If you like rloff you’ll like:

    * Keith Powell
    * Ryan Seacrest
    * Eugene Mirman
    a) who? b) aargh c) um, well actually, since you ask…

    • Well, okay… That’s weird… Who is Eugene Mirman?

      I’m going to pick up a new cell phone today (YAAAAYYY!!!!) and can then get back in the swing of things. I’m woefully behind in updating the blog and will do that today too.

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