The past two days have been “waiting” days. You know the ones: a delivery is coming, a workman is coming, but you don’t know when and you’re not even 100% sure IF.

Yesterday I was waiting for two deliveries. One of them finally came much later than I expected, but the second one never showed up at all. I felt as if I’d wasted my entire day. I couldn’t really concentrate on much, because I kept waiting for the door bell to ring.

Since I work upstairs and the door is downstairs, when someone rings the bell it means I have to run with the dogs trying to push me down the staircase, then calm them down so I can open the door.  I am sure that the dogs know something is up, because they won’t settle either. And, because we didn’t know what time to expect someone at the door, we had to take the dogs for afternoon walks separately, something which disturbs the force.

At about 6:00, when the second of my deliveries hadn’t come, I figured the heck with it, and just locked up the shutters. I wanted to get comfortable and start making dinner without being interrupted.

That delivery finally came this morning, but they called this time to say they were coming and there was a good explanation about what had happened yesterday. Although that IS why God created cell phones…

Today, the electricians that we’ve been wanting to do work on Mom’s apartment were scheduled to come at 9 am. They in fact DID come at 9 am, which is really something of a miracle in my opinion. But they keep needing JM to go over and look at things or explain things to Mom or something or other. So, once again, we’re on tenterhooks, feeling unrelaxed.

It’s a silly thing to whine about I suppose, but it is an interference in a normally very routine oriented existence. And, there are other things I really need to do but feel that I can’t because I need to be here.

Now I’m waiting for the insurance company to process the paperwork on my poor little cell phone. More waiting! Enough already.

Ciao for now.


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