We changed from daylight savings to standard time yesterday. I truly HATE changing from one system to the other. It’s like having jetlag without actually going anywhere. I’m not sure which is worse, losing the hour in spring and always feeling as if I’m running behind, or gaining the hour in fall and feeling that “stuff” should be happening, but it’s still too early.

Of course, the truly difficult thing about it is trying to explain it to the dogs! They just don’t get the concept and they are acting like the CGT (French union) ready to go out on strike.

Peaches wants me up and out of bed at 5 am! Sure, I tell her “Go back to bed,” which she does, but only for five minutes at a time, so I really don’t get any extra sleep.

In the afternoon, they want their dinner at 3:30, because to them, it’s 4:30! Today, I was in the kitchen, having just baked a cake. I was trying to unmold it and I felt a mighty wallop to my back; Shmoo had hit me! He wanted to eat and he wanted to eat NOW!!!

I finally compromised and fed them half an hour early. I’m hoping that I can get them onto the new schedule by tomorrow or the next day.

I think we all need to start a campaign right now to stop this nonsense once and for all. Let’s pick a time and stick with it!

Ciao for now,


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9 thoughts on “Time

  1. I have already signed up to the “Lighter Later” campaign in the UK and there is to be a private member’s bill in the very near future. It’s even worse here as we’re already an hour behind you and our evenings are now very dark; it’s horrible. There’s mounting evidence that children and drivers are safer in the dark in the morning than they are in the afternoon as most people are more alert and less stressed at that time of day. There are also real energy savings to be made with lighter evenings. As for my dog, she’s not an early riser!

  2. As Tony says, we can really do without the time change; we’re not an agrarian society anymore! Shifting Shmoo and Peaches up by half-hour increments should do the trick, but I bet it will take more than one or two days! Luckily Chouette is not on a very strict schedule, so it’s usually not much of a problem here.

    Ours happens this coming weekend.

    That evidence about the dangers of dark afternoons should get more widespread recognition; makes sense to me!

  3. And I also read that just by making this change, most people would get an extra 200 to 300 hours of sunshine per year, which is important for seasonal affective disorder and Vitamin D production!

  4. I hear ya! And I have the same doggie problem. It generally takes about a week for them to cycle into the new time, just as if it were jet lag.

    We change this coming weekend. Did you know that the reason it’s always after Hallowe’en in the U.S. is that when the most recent change was being legislated, the candy lobby wanted it so there’d be more light for the little darlings to go out and gobble up sweets to rot their teeth. Bah humbug.

    Oh wait, that’s not until next month . . .

  5. A week into the clocks going back and my five dogs are still getting up an hour early! I’ve tried explaining to them but as with your dogs they don’t care, they want their breakfast and they want it NOW.

    • Other than one night when Peaches HAD to go out at 1am and at 3 am (!!!) we’re now into the swing of things. Although they still try to game me to get dinner an hour early!

    • I’m @rloff, Aine. However, I will be silent for a few days until I get my new cellphone (hopefully next week). I guess I should blog about that!

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