8 thoughts on “And now, as promised, Mirepoix 2010

  1. Hi, Randy,

    Just amazing (the pictures and the creations) ! Any idea how they manage to stick the apples together? Do they glue them, or pin them onto something?

    Regards to both of you, and a grat-grat for the hounds..

    • My guess would be that they make a frame of some sort, then have hooks or nails that they stick the apples onto. I don’t know if glue would be strong enough to hold them in bad weather…

      Les Chiens dit “merci!”

  2. For your info, I had coffee the first morning with one of the organizers and she told me that all the apples are held with an elastic so they are eatable after. No nails, no glue and all the people are invited to pull the apples in the last hour of the last day to take the apples home and eat or cook them so none are throwned away. The elastic surrounds the apple and all are hooked on the metal structures. The volunteers work during the winter to create the metal form, then they put the elastic around each apple and install them the days before the fair. Voila!

  3. A friend was talking to me about her mother which made me think ofyours (similar age). I hope she is well? There is a woman who writes for a local blog (LA Observed), used to work for the LA Times.She says her dogs are very popular and Maizie (a tiny lab) especially, so it is only proper that yours should have regular updates on your blog–but do let your mom know she has fans as well.

    • Thanks for asking, Lynda.

      Mom is much better, but her cognitive abilities took a serious hit after the “incident” in August/September. We did have a long talk the other day because she realizes that she’s not “right” and it upsets her greatly. But I told her that JM and I are here to take up the slack, that we don’t consider her a burden and that she should just relax and let me do things for her. I think that took some pressure off emotionally.

      I’m taking more control of her eating and we’ve already taken control of her medications. I think that’s about all we can do.

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