Pictures from Espezel 2010

As promised (a day late!), here are some pictures from Espezel. Mirepoix to follow.

From Espezel 2010

Here was the local band (really glad we didn’t have Peaches with us; she would have been terrorized)

From Espezel 2010

This year’s poster:

From Espezel 2010

Some lovely horses:

From Espezel 2010

Monsieur Rolland from the Domaine de Cassignole, where we buy blanquette Ancestrale and the best grape juice we’ve ever tasted:

From Espezel 2010
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6 thoughts on “Pictures from Espezel 2010

    • Thanks, Leslie. I should have taken more, but it was so crowded it was hard to find a calm spot for picture taking without getting in the way of someone.

  1. I felt so “homesick” for Aigues-Vives when I saw these great photos. I love the creativity of the apple festival and we usually try to spend some time chez nous in October but unfortunately family circumstances have led to much reduced trips to France, although we’re spending more time than I ever thought we would (I had never planned to go) in Penang!

  2. 5 weeks so far this year. Our middle son & daughter-in-law moved there to teach for two years in August 2009. They produced our second grandson 6 weeks early amid considerable drama on 1/8/10. Jonathan has been promoted to deputy principal and they now think that they need another year to consolidate his CV before returning to the UK if he’s to stand a chance of a management job at a similar level in a school here. As a chemist he’d easily get a teacher job but he wants more than that. So, it looks as though we’ll be back to Malaysia next year as well. We’ re in France for New Year and hopefully some skiing but as my husband works- so do I but I can be very flexible – he only has a limited amount of holiday hence reduced visits to France.

    • Congrats on the new grandson!

      Yes, I can see where it’s in their interest to stay, but sad for you guys. At least you’ll get some time here this winter.

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