Festival de Rues Chalabre 2008

It’s that time of year again.  For a change, in spite of forecasts to the contrary, we did NOT have rain (so far!). There are also a great number of vendors already set up, and the whole village has a festive air about it.  My problem is that there are some great clothes stalls and I’m seeing far too many temptations. I may have to lock myself inside for most of the day, just for the sake of safety!

Tonight, there will be a variety of street food being prepared and lots of drinking and music.  I could really do without the drinking, to be honest, but that is life at a street festival.

Locals are complaining that there wasn’t enough publicity given to the event and so they don’t think enough people are going to come. That remains to be seen.

One thing I do know, is that I wish our regular market was this varied and busy. I think it’s a bit the chicken and the egg. We don’t get a lot of vendors, so there aren’t a lot of customers, then the vendors don’t come, and fewer customers come.  I don’t see a real solution, but I wish there was one.

Ciao for now.


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