Vacation season?

I know that officially it isn’t, but it feels as if more and more people are discovering the joys of taking their holiday in October.

Of course, JM and I never really take vacations, but we love it when others do and come to see us. We’re privileged at the moment to have long time Possumworld reader River Rat and her husband Tony visiting. They are staying at Dave and Toni’s gite around the corner, but it’s a two minute walk, so almost as good as staying here.

We all had a lovely lunch and dinner last night and today they are off seeing Carcassonne. I don’t think we could have ordered more perfect weather for their visit, as it is in the mid-seventies (F) during the day and the sky is that perfect autumn blue that we get here at this time of year.

I actually have my fingers crossed though, because the weather reports for the rest of their stay are not exactly promising. However, the weather reports have been wrong before and may well be this time. Even though you CAN enjoy a vacation in the rain, it is not really the ideal type of holiday for driving around and sightseeing. In particular I know that Rattie want’s to take pictures to use for future paintings and that is definitely something better done in the sunshine!

Strangely, even though JM and I are busy working as usual, Rattie and Tony’s visit makes US feel as if we’re on holiday too. I suppose it is the break from routine, having good company for dinner conversation and the joy of watching friends discover the beauty of the Possum Kingdom; but whatever the reason, it is a pleasure we’re sharing.

So, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying good friends, good food and good weather as well!

Ciao for now!


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