After Season

We’re having a beautiful “after season” here, which is what we tend to call the brief moment between summer and true fall; I suppose it’s “Indian Summer” in English.

The nights and mornings are starting to be COLD; it got down into the single digits last night and I think we may have reached the stage when we can no longer leave the windows open at night. That’s a shame, really, because I love the cool night air. But if you start seeing your breath when you get up to go the bathroom, then it’s probably a bit too cool!

By mid-morning, however, the sun is out and the air has warmed up to the high 60s or low 70s, so it is just about perfect. You really don’t want to be inside if you can find any excuse at all to go out. As always, when the weather is nice, the villagers spend hours outside on benches chatting away. We all know that these days won’t last for long and we want to profit from them as long as possible.

The cooler temperatures have gotten me back in the kitchen for “real” cooking, something I’ve avoided a lot during the summer heat. I’m feeling like making long, slow-cooked meals in the crock pot and I’ve been baking bread several times a week. That is also because our bakery is closed for their annual holiday, but how serendipitous that it coincided with a change in the weather and a desire to “nest!”

The only fly in the ointment happened not outside, but somewhere within our own four walls! Poor Peaches came down the stairs on Saturday afternoon limping badly. She was actually crying in pain when we tried to figure out what was wrong and we wound up having to take her to the vet. She clearly pulled a muscle or sprained a joint and for the life of us, we have no idea how it happened. We didn’t see her do anything; didn’t hear the dogs roughhousing before hand nor any yelps of pain, so it remains a mystery.

She is much better today, but still limps a bit. I guess we may never know what happened. Still, it doesn’t seem to have stopped her from enjoying our walks in the beautiful weather and I’m glad she doesn’t have to be totally confined to house rest.

Ciao for now,


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8 thoughts on “After Season

  1. Randy, single digits? As in nine degrees Fahrenheit? Or are we talking Celsius? A visitor would have to bring a down jacket for those temperatures!!

    Glad Peaches is doing better. It’s always something, isn’t it?

  2. Hello, Randy,
    A nice season indeed. We will be going out for mushrooms, in some woods nearby. We had some nice rain (around 70mm) a pair of weeks ago, so it is about time for mushrooms to grow, although for an ideal climate it should have rained still a bit more.
    I am still hoping we have some luck in our search.
    Any mushrooms in your surroundings? This is also one of the pleasures of the beginning of autumn, but it does not happen every year.

    • We DO have mushrooms here, Alberto, but I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never gone looking for them. Mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing and am terrified of getting the wrong thing. Also, kind of worried about getting lost in the woods!

  3. Just back from my trip to France so I am catching up and I can tell you Alberto that I bought Bolet at their little market in Chalabre and saw a lot of other kinds of fresh mushrooms… so yummy in an omelette, maybe a project for Randy this coming winter, taking a course on bad and good champignons!

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