At last, it has arrived. We seem to have entirely skipped spring, to be honest, but no one is complaining.  The last few days have been hot and sunny and for the first time in ages, no one is complaining about the weather at all!

For us, personally, it’s great news because it means the roofers can make progress and, if all continues to go well, finish the roofing, installation of the Veluxes, etc. in about 2 weeks.  The exterminator came by yesterday and will be able to treat the beams and exposed wood in the 3rd floor; something that is clearly a necessity in any old house.

Strangely, we noticed signs of some type of infestation in our staircase down near the cellar. When you come from California, your first thought is always “termites!” But, so far, our area has remained termite-free, as it does get too cold in the winter for them to survive. The exterminator took a look, and I have to say his answer surprised me: ANTS! I still can’t figure out how they got in there. But, it’s apparently no big deal, and he’ll take care of it at the same time as he does the other house.

All of this would be more exciting if Mom was feeling better. This tendonitis problem in her arms is extremely troubling, as she is becoming more and more immobile, since she doesn’t sleep well and is therefore tired all the time. I’m really hoping that the physical therapy will make some inroads soon, as I don’t know what we’ll do otherwise. She is really feeling depressed about it, because she wants to get involved in picking flooring and the other details of decoration, but she just can’t get excited because of the pain.

Life can be extremely unfair sometimes.

Ciao for now.


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