Small changes, big differences

One of the things I remember from when we renovated our own house in 2005, was how a small thing could sometimes make you see a room in a whole different light.

We’re seeing that on a much bigger scale with the current renovation project, because a: we’re not living in the building, and b: there are far more important changes going on.

Two cases in point: the first is the 3rd floor apartment. Really, this was just an attic before and had never had any kind of work done to it at all. There were walls in odd places, fireplaces that took up large amounts of space but no longer worked, etc. During this past week, the roofers have demolished all those walls and fireplaces, and just yesterday finished removing all the debris into the big dumpster out front.

Suddenly, that apartment is already looking like a wonderful place to live (as long as you have strong legs for climbing the stairs). There was a window in what will be the kitchen/living room area, which had been sealed off many, many years ago. Now that it is opened up, there is a stunning view above the rooftops onto the hills. The room which will be the bedroom has a beautiful view of the bell tower of Notre Dame, our village’s oldest church, and the whole place is spacious and airy.

You can already tell that when the work is done, this will be a lovely and comfortable place to live.

The second big change is in the ground floor flat that will be Mom’s. That space used to be a hairdressing salon and the door and window were industrial, aluminum framed and ugly. The carpenter came this morning and replaced them with a wood door and window. Now, it is FAR from being finished, as the mason needs to do extensive work on the wall, but now it looks like a habitation and not a business.

In spite of the frustration that doing this often causes, it’s still quite exciting to see these changes. There is also a pleasure in giving new life to a building that has been too long abandoned, and you can almost imagine that one day in the not too distant future, there will be real people living there and enjoying the results of all these changes.

Ciao for now.


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