The Great Escape; Part 7000

So, on our lunchtime walk, Shmoo’s leash came loose and he took off yet again! It was funny, because he didn’t realize it at first and suddenly he was like the coyote looking down at the canyon under his feet! First he ran down to the river (thanks Bruce Springsteen!) then it was into the farthest field. Miz Peaches of course was in hot pursuit. There was no sense in following, because as soon as we approach, they just take off again because they (HE) do not want to have the fun stopped and come home. There is no answer to this; it is just Shmoo’s nature. He has no recall and will never have one. There is no food, nothing we can offer that is better than running in that field. He always comes back, but in his time on his terms.

Peaches has a great recall when she’s not with him. But when she’s with him it’s like the Warner Bros. cartoon with the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other; the little devil ALWAYS wins. Now, what’s funny is that if we get close enough, they both have a great sit and Shmoo will immediately sit and then we can catch him. We always praise and give him a treat, all the time fighting back that natural urge to scream at him, which would be counter productive, of course.

So glad that they both have Scalibor collars as well as Promeris Duo now, so I think the tick issue is really, really minimized. And, luckily the field was mowed just a few days ago so the hay is bailed and not long like it was last time, so I think we’re safe from Piro this time.

Again, they are trying to kill us…

Ciao for now.

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