Amazing but true

Actual work has finally begun on Mom’s new house!  I seriously had doubts as to whether this would ever occur, but our roofers appeared this morning and have started!  They will put up scaffolding later this week, so the outside world will see that we really DO intend to renovate that building!

Now, the downside here is that we STILL haven’t heard from the ANAH. The committee meeting that was scheduled for last week was put off until tomorrow, so we won’t know a thing until Wednesday at the earliest.

We also haven’t completed the loan papers with the bank, and have no idea how close the notaire is to getting those done so we can go and sign them.

All of this means that we actually have no money to pay anyone. A fatal flaw in the plan, you might say. Still, at the very least the bank stuff will eventually get done, so we’ll certainly be able to get Mom’s flat and the roof done no matter what. Since the furniture is still scheduled to arrive the first week of July, we’re not getting a bit tight on the deadlines.

No matter what happens, my guess is that Mom will still be living here until the end of summer, because I don’t think all the electrical and plumbing work will be completed, and without that, she can’t really live there. I don’t think any of us expected things to take this long, which is plain silly, since JM and I have been through this before. But I guess we’re incurable optimists.

Ciao for now.


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