It’s that time of year again

This is the weekend of the village fair; generally most of us don’t particularly care for it, to be honest. And a lot of people we know actually leave the village until it’s over. All the traveling carny rides come in and set up on two out of the four main streets. It alternates between the sides of the village so that one side isn’t always stuck with it. This year it’s on our side.
On Tuesday, when I took Mom to the foot doctor she told me that “someone” had come by to tell her they were setting up something in front of her house. I was really annoyed because she hadn’t called me to come over to talk to them and she INSISTED that she had understood what they were doing.
Well, NOT! Yesterday afternoon the ride showed up and it is MASSIVE. They started to set it up so that she couldn’t even open her door wide enough to get outside! Luckily, JM argued with them and made them move it a couple of feet. However, once they set it all up, she STILL can barely get out of the house because the stairs of the house next door totally block there being a clear path.  On top of that, the stupid ride blocks the entire front of her house so it’s like she’s living inside a dungeon with no light coming inside at all.
The carnies who set it up lied and said the mayor had approved it; but JM called the mayor and he did no such thing. To be honest, if there is an emergency, I don’t think an ambulance could even get a guerney inside to help her.
I’m outraged. I wonder if any of the people who run these rides have elderly parents that they have to care for? I went out to take some pictures and I heard them making nasty comments about me. But the hell with them; I have to worry about my mother not their damned ride.
Ciao for now.
The anti-fair curmudgeon!
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4 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

  1. When those of us who choose to settle in a foreign country, eventough we get involve, make village friends, try to speak the language, we are always “the xeni” as the greek say, the foreigners. They take our money and are pleased we choose their beautiful area to live but we always remain the strangers coming to their town. At times, yes the nasty looks, the angry words come in and it hurts. What seems logical for us seems out of place for others and then a certain xenophobia (also a greek word) takes over. I did find I was often on a border line between what I tought were my rights and their way of life and doing things their way for centuries. I just hope this fair wont last too long for you mum’s sake. Maybe she could move in with you for those few days so if she needs help, you would be there for her.

  2. I hope my english is not too bad, I sometimes can make errors in spelling and writing since english is my secong language. Sorry if its the case.

  3. In this case, Suzanne, the problem wasn’t caused at all by any kind of xeniphobia. JM (who IS French) was the one who argued with the guy, not me. In fact, the carny guy is from Bordeaux, which means that around here HE is the foreigner (since he’s not from our department!!)

    This was truly the argument of people with two different desires and needs. The Carny people are used to coming into towns and getting their way; but JM won’t let anyone take advantage of me or my mother and wouldn’t back down. He is my hero.

    And your English is perfectly fine!

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