Carnavale in Chalabre

Every year, most of the local villages have their own, mini-Rio style Carnavale. This weekend was ours and we were lucky to have absolutely glorious weather. There have been some years where it has been way too cold for dancing in the streets. And, the first year that we were here it actually snowed (although to be fair, it was much earlier, in March).

No chance of snow this weekend though. The temps have been running in the 20s C/70s to 80s    F; the sun is shining and there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky.

The Saturday night part of the event is basically an excuse for making a lot of noise and getting blind drunk. Sunday is a bit more of a family affair, with the kids all dressing up, and a few floats going around the village, until the finale when the king of the Carnavale (Badaluc) is burned to a crisp.

I took some video, so you can all share in the fun.

Ciao for now!


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8 thoughts on “Carnavale in Chalabre

  1. What fun, especially for the kiddies! Is Badaluc a Cathar personage? I’m struck by how Peruvian/Spanish the musicians’ costumes are, and especially the Peruvian caps a couple of them are wearing.

  2. Every year there is a theme, and this year it was Machu Picchu, apparently. Thus, the Peruvian look. Badaluc is not Cathar, just the traditionnal king of our carnaval.

  3. What fun….although I did find it interesting that Badaluc has a cigarette hanging from his mouth! The Musketeers would hate all that noise, but the kids look like they are having quite a blast!

    • A-M, we do NOT live in the land of the politically correct! No one here would even think about the cigarette issue, since almost everyone smokes (but not inside public places, thank goodness).

      As you can see; my dogs are not participating. Shmoo wouldn’t have minded, but Peaches has an overwhelming fear of band music!

  4. It was so much fun to watch the video. It reminded us of our visit to your beautiful village.

    I can understand Peaches fear of band music. Our two dogs were very scared of fireworks. Fourth of July was not their favorite day of the year.

  5. What happy memories when during the 60s and 70s we used to stay every year with Raymond and Marie Salvat (in-laws of my late brother-in-law Mervyn Poole). We stayed either in the ‘town house’ (very close to those carnival pictures above), or in the bungalow next door to Raymond’s brother.

    We also now find we have some Brit friends down there in Chalabre, Tony and Sheila McKenna.

    Your video gives a very good reason to return.

    • Thanks, David. You know, the “town house” is the house we currently live in! I don’t believe we know the McKennas, although possibly we would recognize them if we saw them.

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