It’s the insurance

That’s really the only reason I can think of that the dogs are trying to kill us.

It has been truly beautiful here today, so we went on our usual late morning walk to the gardens. We get to about the halfway point and unleash the hounds. The two of them just adore racing as fast as they can to the end of the “official” gardens and into the big open field at the end. Then, they start hunting for voles.

When we first got Peaches, she would come running back to wait for JM and me to get there and play frisbee with her. But she has since learned the joys of hole digging and is now as obsessed as big brother Shmoo.

They go way out into the middle of the field for their little excavating project, which we wouldn’t mind if they would come back to us. But they won’t. Peaches, who also had an amazing recall at first, now ignores us as much as Shmoo. Sure, they look up from “the operation” every now and again, but that’s it.

So, we have to go out and get them. Now that the weeds are growing, that is less easy than it was, because not only is the stuff up to our knees, but it hides the previously dug holes, so we have to be extraordinarily careful not to fall and break various body parts.

Still, we are usually able to get to them, give them treats and hook up their leashes so we can finish our walk. Not today though. No, today opened a whole new chapter in the experience.

I waded out to get them and they headed past me at high speed so Shmoo could go into the river. Nothing unusual in that as he loves a little wade before coming home. However, what was different was that instead of us being able to catch them afterward, they took off to an even farther field to boldly go where no dog had gone before.

JM refused to go out there after them, because it was getting pretty far away. He hoped they would realize we were gone and come back on their own. But they were clearly not interested in that, so I headed out to get them.

This other field is not only farther away, but it is twice the size of the usual field. Every time I would get close to them, they would run even farther! I did not find it at all amusing and would have just left them if it wasn’t that they were getting dangerously near to the road. If something had happened to them, I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself, so after them I went.

I was lucky that they clearly found a particularly exciting spot and got so caught up in their destruction that they stayed there and let me catch them. To be honest, I only caught Shmoo, because I knew Peaches would follow along, which he would not do if I dragged only her away.

By the time I got them, I had been chasing after them for at least 20 minutes and I was damned tired of the game. My legs feel like lead from walking in a way I don’t usually walk and I am tired and still a lot irritated. Of course, I can’t take the irritation out on them, because they won’t understand it, so I just have to stay irritated for a while longer.

When I got back to JM we were both not happy. The dogs have now lost their running privileges for the foreseeable future. I feel bad, because they really love to run, but I can’t go through this anxiety again. I can let them loose in a friend’s garden, but that really isn’t the same thing for them because there’s not enough room to really run. But, so be it. If they won’t listen, they can’t be trusted.

Ciao for now,


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