The Dog-Pig

Remember how, in the movie BABE, Babe was a “pig-dog?”  I’m afraid that Peaches is a “dog-pig!” If it stinks, if it’s gross, if it’s filthy, Peaches will eat it or roll in it. If she were a human girl she would be a tomboy. I have never seen a dog revel in being filthy and disgusting the way she does.

If you look at her and don’t know her, you think, “what a dainty creature;” but she is NOT. When she and Shmoo dig vole-holes she is covered in dirt and mud up to her elbows and her nose is completely covered in dirt. Even her mouth is full of dirt. But she trots home so proud of herself!

British friends are in town at the moment for their Easter holidays. Two days ago I stopped in for a visit, and David limped to the door on a crutch. I asked him what had happened and he told me he’d sliced through his knee while cutting some tile! He was very lucky that it wasn’t worse, but the ER doctor told him to come back today for a visit with the orthopedic specialist to make sure things were healing properly. I said I would drive him.

I thought I would take the dogs out for a walk before the hospital visit, so we took them up to the rail tracks, figuring that was more controlled than letting them run in their vole-field out by the gardens. WRONG! Peaches found a pile of some kind of animal poop and before I could stop her, she’d rolled right in it!

Now, usually when she tries to do that, I’m able to get her pulled up before she actually gets in it. Not today. She was covered in the stuff and I had no time to bathe her before leaving. The best I could do was put some Miracle Groom on a paper towel and clean up the worst of it before we went. We locked off the upper floors of the house so at least she couldn’t go onto the bed or a couch.

Luckily, she is very good about letting me bathe her. She doesn’t like it, but she accepts it. As soon as we got back, into the bath she went. Now I know she’s just waiting for her chance to go out and find something else vile to roll in…

Ciao for now,

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6 thoughts on “The Dog-Pig

  1. Our Diva Maggie never did this kind of thing, EXCEPT the night before we were flying to Paris, we had stayed with friends in L.A. At 6 am, I let Maggie out in the yard with their dog, Charlie. All proud of herself, Maggie came back into the guest room REEKING of God-Knows-What. We had to wrestle her into the shower so that we didn’t all puke before the flight.

    I am convinced that Charlie talked her into doing it as punishment for the mean way she had treated him the previous night.

  2. White vinegar is a very good dog de-stinker. Cheaper and less messy than tomato juice. The woodchuck-roller also liked to chase skunks, because they’re furry and might run fast.

  3. I’ve never seen (or smelled) a skunk around here, so maybe they don’t come this close to town. I’ve seen plenty of other critters, but at least we don’t have that problem.

  4. We had an Old English Sheepdog who used to love to roll in the revolting and if nothing was available would use my parents-in-laws’ farm ditch; you can imagine what a job she was to clean. I had never heard of Miracle Groom so I googled and found a horse product. Is this what you use?

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