This is crazy!

I know it, but I can’t stop myself. I’m actually researching SUN HATS online!!!

The temperature hasn’t been above 0 C (32 F) in days, and I’m worried about the summer! Really, I’m worried about keeping cool in the summer, so I was looking at those hats that have cooling beads inside them. You soak them in water and they’re supposed to keep you cool for hours.

We’re never satisfied, are we? Everyone is complaining about the snow and cold right now, but in a few short months, they’ll be saying it’s too hot. And, to be fair, I’ll probably be amongst them.

I think the thing I really mind most about the weather we’re having, to be honest, is that it makes walking a lot more difficult. I am NOT the world’s most graceful person, as I’ve often said. So, whenever there is any ice outside, I keep worrying so much about slipping and falling that I have trouble walking like a normal person. I DID finally break down and order strap on cleats to wear next year (I’m assuming I won’t have any more use for them this year!), hoping that will help me to at least feel more secure.

I am also going to toss out my hopelessly useless Moon Boots. I mean, really, what is the point of selling SNOW boots that aren’t waterproof? Why would you NEED them if it wasn’t snowing, which is, you know, FROZEN WATER! At any rate, by the time we get back from walking the dogs, especially after the snow has gotten all slushy, I have ice cold, wet feet. I think it’s some kind of communist plot; it’s the only explanation.

I even bought some waterproofing spray that did no good whatsoever. So, the Moon Boots are going to have to go.

But I’m still thinking about that sun hat…

Ciao for now.


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7 thoughts on “This is crazy!

  1. well I have scarfs that have these beads and my Yorky has one also! And they work, I use mine when I play tennis in the sun on a hot day. But I have never heard of a hat with those beads. If you want a scarf, ill bring you one when I go to Chalabre but it will only be in mid-sept. Of course, I could mail you one if you do not find it.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I think I can just order both the neck tie and the hat by mail and have it sent to me by someone in the States. They probably exist here, I just haven’t found the right place yet.

  2. Do they have Sorel boots there? They’re Canadian, and the best thing for winter snow slogging. Waterproof and with a felt liner.

  3. I bought some Muck boots for doing chicken chores, and they’re insulated and quite warm. They seem to have a better sole than Uggs. If it were icy, though, you still might want to add Yaxtrax.

  4. I bought my snow boots last year from SuperU. They are hideous but waterproof and they were dirt cheap. They keep out French and English snow!

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