THAT time of year!

Thursday is May 1st, which is International Labor Day almost everywhere in the world except the U.S.  But, this year, it also coincides with Ascension, which means it’s also the weekend of our village fair.  And, as it does every other  year, it will take place right outside our house!

During the day, it’s not really all that bad, especially with the windows closed.  But, at night it’s another story.  Two years ago the discotheque was so loud that we had plaster fall from the ceiling due to the vibrations!  Of course, the bandstand was also right at the corner, only 5 houses away, so I’m sure that made things worse.

I’ve heard that this year, as they did last year, the bandstand will be under the Halles in the center of the Bastide.  The roof tends to dampen the noise a bit, so even for the houses on the Place, it’s not as loud as it is when it’s at the end of one of the Cours. For some reason, that creates a tunnel effect and amplifies the sound to almost a painful degree.

Still, it’s nice to see events in the village, even if they’re not always something everyone likes and enjoys. It brings commerce and life, and that’s never a bad thing.

Ciao for now.


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