Ground Breaking

As of yesterday, work officially began on Mom’s flat!  It wasn’t much work, but it was work nonetheless. Plumber extraordinaire, Christian Drouin turned off the water and removed various bits and pieces that needed removing to enable Manu Montoro to start demolishing walls as soon as his current job is finished.

In fact, this week has been a good week for the future of the renovation.  The bank miraculously approved our request for a loan, which is pretty impressive when you look at the fact that we earn practically no money and have no jobs!  Of course, the house itself will eventually provide the income necessary to repay the bank, but that remains virtual at this moment.

Then, we got a letter from the ANAH.  Now, to look at the letter, you would think it says: “You are absolutely NOT authorized to begin any work if you want to ever get any money from us.” So, to be honest, we were a bit taken aback, as that was not the letter we were expecting.  JM called to talk to the person in charge and SHE said, “Oh no.  This letter means you can go ahead and start doing the work.”

“But it says we can’t do any work.”

“Maybe, but it really means you can.”

So, although we are perplexed, we are not looking the gift horse in the  mouth and will, therefore, go ahead with things.  Madame ANAH, as we call her, has said our file will go in front of the mysterious commission that looks at files on 29th of April, but that it is really only a formality and should all be approved.  From her mouth to God’s ear as we say.

In anticipation of an eventual actual finished apartment, I have contacted the storage company in Rotterdam that has Mom’s furniture and arranged for delivery the last week of June/ first week of July.  So, the work had better be done in time, or we’re going to have a lot of furniture sitting out in the middle of the street!

Ciao for now,


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