The Big Spender

Since before we moved her here, we’ve been promising Mom we’d take her to a casino.  She LOVES casinos! In Hemet (the Hellmouth of California) she was very close to several Indian casinos, and only a bus trip away from Vegas, Baby.

Here in the Possum Kingdom, we have easy access to two casinos: Alet-les-bains and the brand, spanking new Theatre Casino La Barriere in Toulouse.  Now, the one in Toulouse has several restaurants, shows, a couple hundred slot machines and all the table games. I’m sure it’s fascinating. But, it is also 1 1/2 hours away via the autoroute. Neither JM nor I gamble and after walking around looking at it for 10 minutes we would just find a corner where we could sit and read.

Alet is 30 minutes away, and although it is much, much smaller, we decided that was the one for us. At least it’s in a beautiful location and an easy drive.  So, last Wednesday that’s where we went.

If you’ve been to Vegas or Atlantic City, I think the word you would use for the casino at Alet is “quaint.” It has about 50 slot machines and the table games weren’t open while we were there. My guess is they only open at night.  We had gone right after lunch, so it was pretty empty as well. Except for the people who worked there, JM and I were the youngest people in the place, so that should tell you something about the crowd that it draws.

Still, Mom was in her element and spent about 2 hours playing slots.  Well, I should say “playing A slot,” because apparently the way this works for those who do it is they find “their” machine and stick with it. She won a little, lost a little and came out of it only losing 35€, which I suppose is a not overly expensive form of entertainment for a couple of hours of happiness for her.

She really loved the place, and now I’m thinking that it’s not a bad trip to take her there, drop her off, go do my big once every two-week marketing run and swing back around to collect her.  I couldn’t sit there for a couple of hours, but clearly, I’m not a gambler.

And, who knows, maybe one time she’ll win enough to make it all worthwhile.

Ciao for now,


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