It’s not going to last but

We have had superb spring weather for the last few days and everyone is feeling happier again.  Meteo France tells us that we should enjoy it while we can, because the rest of the week is scheduled to go back to rainy and yucky.

But who wants to think about that when the sky is a brilliant blue, the fields are starting to be full of flowers and sprouting things, the trees are starting to bud and the birds are singing?  Yesterday, JM and I had a book signing in Carcassonne and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive there and back.  When you drive through the countryside on a day like yesterday, it puts all of your problems in perspective, because no matter how gloomy you feel, the scenery can’t help but make you feel better.

On top of that, the Pyrenees have truly benefited from all the bad weather.  While we had rain, the mountains have been having snow and they are always an impressive sight when covered in white. We particularly enjoy the mornings, because we have a great view of them rising in the distance, tinged with the pink rays of dawn and almost glowing. We can hardly wait to get outside to see them, and almost don’t want to turn away to come home.

The whole Possum Kingdom seems to be happier with the sunshine. Even Shmoo is in a happier mood.  I swear that dog suffers from SAD, because on days when it is rainy, he kind of mopes around and looks at us accusingly when we go outside. But, as soon as the sun is out, he suddenly becomes his own, bouncy self.  Who says dogs belong in the wild?

Ciao for now.


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One thought on “It’s not going to last but

  1. dear randy,
    i agree, that is the kind of weather, that made me move to france and especially the pyrenees.
    check out
    until last year we lived there and it was an unforgettable experience. it was just getting to hard, last summer i had to carry 50 bags of cement and sand one kilometre off road.

    all the best


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