The Strangest Thing EVER!!!

We were just out walking the dogs. It’s in the mid-40s, so not too, too cold; the sky is overcast but no rain, it’s not windy.

We had let the dogs do their usual thing and had just collected them to finish our walk and come back. Suddenly, out of nowhere there was a massive blast of wind. It was so powerful that JM and I had trouble standing against it. It was super loud, like a freight train and the weirdest part of all was that it was blowing hot air like you would encounter in July or August! It lasted for 30 or 40 seconds, then simply stopped.

There was no funnel cloud, so I don’t think it was anything like a tornado. No particularly strong winds are in the forecast either.

Clearly, if you’re like me and JM, you start going towards relatively far-fetched kinds of explanations. Me being the anxious type, my first thought was that it was the leading edge of a nuclear blast or an explosion. However, there wasn’t any type of noise like that other than the sound of the wind itself. JM’s first thought was that a cloaked alien ship had landed in the empty field where we were standing. We couldn’t see it, because it was, well, cloaked!

We came home and no one in the village seems to have noticed a thing. I just hope we’re not radioactive.

Ciao for now and may you have a Joyful, alien-free Christmas!


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8 thoughts on “The Strangest Thing EVER!!!

  1. Joyeux Noel and Happy New Year to you, JM and your mom.

    Even with the occasional weird wind, Chalabre is a wonderful little French town, as your blog and books make clear, and I was once fortunate enough to see for myself.

  2. Silly, didn’t you read the news report mentioning that Santa is testing a turbo charged sled this year? (He gave the reindeer the night off!)

  3. We experience that as well, Randy.

    Gay and I had just come in from a windless walk. I had a shower and heard the wind. Looked out of the window to see everything flying about. Went outside and noticed the blast of sudden heat.

    This was, of course, in Puivert. As you know, about 9 kms from where you were.

    • One of our neighbors has since pinned it on a rare wind that comes from Africa (I wouldn’t necessarily bet my mortgage on this, btw), and that can bring not only hot air, but sand and FROGS!!! I don’t know about in Puivert, but here in Chalabre we were blissfully frogless.

  4. Wow! I have heard of winds that come off the Sahara, but I don’t live anywhere near that part of the world (too bad).
    Merry Christmas (belatedly) and Happy New Year, R & JM!!
    Veronica, Matt, and Carl (dog) in 40s (F), cloudy (yeay!) Tarzana, California.

    • Thanks, Veronica! Enjoy the Rose Parade for us! May 2010 be a great year for you all.
      Randy, JM, Shmoo Alexander and Miz Peaches LaRoo

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