Feeling Seasonal

After an amazing month of November, weather-wise, everything decided to change with a bang!

Last Saturday was our village Christmas Market. It was set up under the covered marketplace and we had been promised that there would be space heaters. There weren’t! That was a problem because overnight the temperatures had dropped to well below freezing and they never got up above it all day, at least on the marketplace.

This is when I thought 3 sweaters would be warm enough. They weren't.

This is when I thought 3 sweaters would be warm enough. They weren't.

There was hot wine and coffee and luckily for us, it wasn’t very far for us to take turns going home to warm up, eat and see the dogs.

As always, there weren’t many people early in the morning, but as the day wore on, a decent sized crowd did show up.

Here is the Christmas tree and one of the food sellers.

Here is the Christmas tree and one of the food sellers.

There was a lunch for 10 Euros, someone was making fresh crepes, there was a “fanfare” which is a brass band. Let’s just say they were loud and enthusiastic and leave it at that! Also, following the success of the horse drawn carts at the Eco Fair a few months back, there was a carriage giving rides around the village and Santa was set to arrive in it towards the end of the day.

We found someone to sit at our table while we took Shmoo Alexander and Miz Peaches for a post lunch walk

What do you mean, we can't play frisbee????

What do you mean, we can't play frisbee????

Poor Peaches had a flashback to the second day she was here when she ran into a brass band in Limoux! As soon as she heard the band playing, all she wanted to do was run home and hide. I refuse to speculate on whether it was fear or music criticism.

Finally, although there were still two hours to go, JM and I closed up shop at 3:00; it was just too, too cold to keep sitting there! We lit a fire, put on Christmas music, had a hot cocoa in front of the fire and felt very seasonal indeed!

Ciao for now.


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6 thoughts on “Feeling Seasonal

  1. Hi there & Happy Holidays! Oh my heart went pitti-pat at the market photo! We’re “recreational medievalists” (SCA). Do you know how old the market structure is? The pattern is WAY medieval.

    • The Bastide (the part of town where the covered market is located) dates from the 13th Century. We have a 13th Century church as well as a 17th Century church (we call it the “new” church!). Many of the houses have restored colombages as well.

  2. What a nice picture of you! Hope you sold lots of books at the fete.

    And Miss Peaches is really a beauty. She and Mr. Shmoo make a very handsome couple.

    • Thanks, MG. Yes, the two dogs look lovely together and really, truly LIKE each other! Otherwise, it would have been impossible.

      We sold more books at the Christmas Market than we did at the book salon in July. But I guess people needed presents right now.

  3. So out of touch I am. How delightful to “meet” Peaches. So happy for all of you, especially Shmoo, to have a playmate!!

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