Dog Play

I need to start taking my camera out when we go for our lunchtime walk. We were able to go to the gardens again today and I insisted that we let the dogs play. We took off their leashes, but Shmoo grabbed his and started running through the field with it in his mouth. Peaches followed trying to grab it too.

The problem with that is that then he let it go and I had to go traipsing through a VERY large field looking for a VERY small, black leash! I think we’ll take a bright colored rope toy out next time so that either a: it will be easier to find or b: I won’t really care if I can’t find it.

I learned two things: Peaches has an absolutely amazing recall for a dog who has lived with us for less than 2 weeks. Frankly, it’s better than Maggie’s when she was out chasing squirrels and far better than Shmoo’s when he’s interested in something else. Peaches was totally willing to leave Shmoo and his “project” to come back to me without even a second’s hesitation. That was very, very cool.

The second thing I learned is that even though having Peaches to play with is fun for Shmoo, he still prefers digging a gigantic hole looking for voles to be a superior activity. As soon as he got “vole-scent” in the field it was all over. No more play; there’s serious vole killing to be done!

Of course he never digs for voles in the part of the field nearest to the path, that would be too easy. No, he has to go all the way into the middle where the weeds are tallest and dig there, which means that I often have to go in after him if we want to go home.

Still, they are both pretty tired out now and peace reigns. Life is good.

Ciao for now.


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4 thoughts on “Dog Play

  1. It certainly is for Shmoo. When we left him and Maggie in a kennel with an outdoor run, the owner was NOT thrilled with the gigantic holes he left behind.

  2. Peaches is a beautiful young lady, and extremely lucky to have found such a good home. I’m happy for you both. And just love the name, it’s perfect.

    • Thanks, MG. We still can’t believe how lucky we were to have found her. In fact, I know of at least one other person in the village who would have probably taken her if we hadn’t found her first. That would have been our loss.

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