A Week of Celebrations

The first full week of December is always a momentous one for us.

First, it was five years ago tomorrow that we first set eyes on the Possum Kingdom! It is always astonishing to me that another year has sped by so quickly. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first visit, or the subsequent ones where we made our decision about buying our house. What a good day that turned out to be for us.

Second, it was three years ago this week that we adopted our dear Shmoo Alexander. It was a cold day with snow flurries falling and there he was, limping around outside our door. It was clear he needed to go to a vet for some attention to his poor paw. We were NOT going to keep him, that’s for sure. He was much too big a dog for us and, besides, we had decided we were a one-dog family. Well, you all know how that decision worked out. I will never cease being grateful for his presence in our lives. We could never have guessed that only a year later, our sweet Diva Maggie would be beginning her final illness, and that only the presence of Shmoo would keep us from sinking into despair.

Now we have another event to celebrate: this morning I took Miz Peaches to our vet to get her shots and have her micro-chipped. She is now, officially and forever a part of our family. Of course, in her case, there was never any doubt that if it was up to us, she would stay. We already knew that our Shmoo would enjoy having another friend in the house, and we are suckers for a good Border Collie face.

So, tonight we may have to break out a bottle of Blanquette and celebrate for real.

Ciao for now.


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6 thoughts on “A Week of Celebrations

  1. Very happy she is now your girl! Hope Shmoo has adjusted. It took Shadow a while to adjust to Mandy. He liked her okay, but didn’t particularly like her around all the time. He was still getting over the trauma of an injury that made him not want to play with other dogs. But she was very persistent about being liked–gave him little kisses on the ear whenever she’d walk past him, brought him toys, and barked in his face telling him to get up and play. Then one day his reserve broke and they have been bonded ever since–playing like crazy each morning and night, happy for each other’s company one minute, oblivious to each other the next–that’s the way dogs are. Very gratifying. Hope your guys wind up that close. I toast you in Martinelli bubbly cider!

    • We were very lucky, Paula. I would say that Shmoo was concerned for the first 24 hours, then by day three he was mostly happy that she was here. But I think he has really missed Maggie since she crossed the Bridge, so was happy to have another four-legger in the house. The major handicap in their playing is the size differential; he doesn’t always realize that he can’t play as rough with her as he would like and then she gets a little afraid and runs behind me to hide.

      Her biggest issue is FOOD. She has not realized yet that there will ALWAYS be food and she doesn’t have to compete for it, so has a tendency to be a bit of a bitch if she thinks Shmoo is even looking at food that she isn’t getting. We’re working on that though.

  2. I’ll have to drink a toast too! I know how infrequently you drink wine, so if you need to celebrate I better join you! I can’t believe your first visit to Chalabre, finding Shmoo and finding Peaches are so close together!!

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