I wanted

I wanted to write to tell you about our beautiful spring weather. I really WANTED to do that; unfortunately I can’t do that because we don’t HAVE any beautiful spring weather.  We have rain, cold and a bit of hail, with sneaky bits of blue sky and sun that show up to tease us, then disappear behind giant black clouds to leave room for more rain.

It’s nice for the rivers, which are running high and fast, but the humans are all beginning to feel as if they have mildew.

Last Monday, which was supposed to be Omelette day (an Easter Monday tradition), it was cold, rainy and miserable, so although we did participate in the Omelette with a bunch of people, we had to have it indoors instead of outside, and someone there was sick, so now many of the rest of us are sick too!

Then, when JM went up to the attic to look for something, he discovered that the roof was leaking!  A tile seems to have gotten broken when we were having a cable drawn from the satellite dish for Mom’s television, but no one noticed until the 40 days and 40 nights of rain hit.  Luckily, friend David is here and kindly went up on our roof to fix it for us, since it was a weekend and we all know you can’t call a roofer on the weekend.

So, life in the Possum Kingdom does not feel cheerful at the moment.  But, tomorrow is another day and the Depeche is promising us sunshine.  I hope they are right or we are all going to develop gills.

Ciao for now.


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