Update on the “Super-Pooper!”

Today’s Independant had the scoop on our Possum Kingdom Serial Pooper!

They received a letter signed “Résistance Chalabroise” taking credit for the attacks. According to the article, it’s written in bad French, but no one is sure whether that is meant to hide the real identity of the perpetrator/perpetrators or if they really can’t write properly. The motive appears to be political and linked to the economic crisis. However, it wasn’t immediately clear what they actually wanted to achieve, other than making a statement.

So far, the Gendarmes say this is merely a misdemeanor, but the places that have been hit multiple times are definitely upset and lodging formal complaints. The Post Office camera seems only to cover the inside of the post office, so there aren’t any clues there as to the identity of the “doers.”

Thus, for the moment, the mystery remains. Will “RC” strike again? Only time will tell.

Ciao for now.


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2 thoughts on “Update on the “Super-Pooper!”

  1. My mind wants to make a snarky connection between horse manure and Credit Agricole. 🙂

    But the shooting in Toulouse is very sad. There are simply too many guns loose in the world.

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