Yesterday was our annual visit to the agricultural fair at Espezel. Yes, it rained, but no, we didn’t mind.

In fact, it rained early when we were walking Shmoo, but had stopped by the time we left for the fair. Miraculously, it didn’t rain while we were there and started to rain again while we were driving home. Of course, the only benefit to not having rain right at the minute we were there was that we, personally, didn’t get wet. The ground, however, was a mud pit everywhere outside of the main village. That meant that all the livestock exhibits were a challenge, since I am not known for my grace even during fine weather. I did manage to get through without falling on my butt though, so that was a plus.

I swear that there there were even more booths this year than last. You really wouldn’t think it possible that more people could set up. We didn’t get to every single exhibitor, mostly because after a while you can’t take in anymore information. As it is, we had trouble deciding where we should buy what. Finally, we tried not to make too many purchases at any one booth, preferring to buy from as many different people as possible. I think we wound up not going crazy and didn’t buy anything that we wouldn’t normally eat.

We bought several kinds of cheese (cow and goat) some dried sausage of different types, fresh duck sausage to broil or grill, aligot, that magical concoction of mashed potatoes and melted cheese that is cooked in huge cauldrons and stirred with a wooden spoon, a goat and tomato fougasse (kind of like a sauceless pizza), an apple fougasse (like a free-form apple tart), a huge beignet that I shouldn’t have eaten because that’s just too much fried dough, wine, vinegar and a can of paté. Between that and our purchases at the apple festival last weekend, we really don’t need to shop for a while.

My only negative came when I bought a bottle of wine for Mom and a bottle of Banyuls vinegar for me. I had wanted a 500 ml bottle of vinegar and paid for that, but discovered that the guy had slipped a 250 ml bottle to me instead. I thought the bottle he put in the bag looked small, and I should have gone with my instinct and said something. Still, I wasn’t about to drive back for that, so live and learn in the future I guess.

We didn’t stay to watch any of the demonstrations of herding, because we could tell that the weather was going to get worse. However I did see a lot of beautiful Border Collies wandering around and that made me sad a little because I really was missing Maggie. Shmoo gave me lots of cuddles when we got home though, so that helped some. God forbid I should see a BC for adoption in a weak moment, because I will probably do it!

As always, the drive up to Espezel is stunning. Even in the rain there are wonderful sites to see. Yesterday, the clouds were hanging on the hills and everything looked magical under dramatic skies. I don’t think I could pick a place in the world that I would rather live or anything I would rather do than wander a fair like Espezel.

Ciao for now.


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8 thoughts on “Espezel!

  1. It was just drizzly enough that I didn’t want to pull my camera out. Also, the mud made it hard to stand up as it was without taking pics at the same time.


  2. Wonderful day for you, thanks for sharing it. Too bad about the vinegar, next time you can remind him!!

    I miss clouds AND rain! Someday …. (we will move to where there IS weather!)

  3. One of the things I so enjoy about living here is the weather. At first, having sunshine all year long sounds nice, and it is. But after awhile, you really DO want something else! Of course, sometimes we get “something else” five times in the same day, but that’s fun too.

  4. Donc, vous commandez à la pluie ? C’est magique ! Le monde nous fait parfois des petits clins d’oeil pour nous mettre de bonne humeur.

  5. It was a lovely weekend, our 1st at our house in Espezel during the Foire weekend. It was great to see all the comings and goings and to be able to wander around at different times of the day and buy food for dinner and the odd bottle of wine. On the Saturday afternoon we went for a walk up a hill overlooking the plateau and took some photos of the village from a distance and I will forward a few when they are downloaded. Unfortunately we had to return to work in the UK on Tuesday and WAS the weather beautiful – what a wrench it was to leave. The Plateau de Sault is a magical place and we always marvel at the scenery and the effects of weather and light on it.
    Sorry we didn’t meet you. If you remember I offerred you parking at the house if needed a few months ago. Any problems parking in future years the offer still stands.
    Regards Kay

    • Thanks, Kay. I do remember. We got there early, around 10, so there was no problem parking at all. We parked behind the sports field. With all the parking provided, we couldn’t believe how many people parked illegally when there was truly no reason for it. We even saw one couple “shamed” into moving their car by some of the organizers!

      Hope we get to meet you next time you are here.


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