Mambo, the most famous dog in France

To be honest, this is a real horror story.

On August 10th, a group of adolescents “hanging out” in Perpignan came across a small, stray dog.  A 22-year-old girl caught him and gave him to her 16-year-old friend who then doused him in lighter fluid. The dog escaped, but the girl caught him again, gave him back to the boy who doused him in MORE lighter fluid and set him on fire.

The terrified, tortured dog ran away screaming in agony while the group of kids laughed! A nearby neighbor, who was an ex-police officer, called the cops who came and got the kids names.

Poor Mambo, as he is now known, was burned on 30% of his body and it wasn’t until the following day that a local couple managed to catch him and take him for treatment.

It didn’t look good for the little dog, but the forces of animal rescue rallied behind him. Many famous actors and sports figures donated money for his care, as well as thousands of regular folk. And Mambo rallied and has survived.

Yesterday was his day in court. Animals are not permitted in court, but Mambo was given special dispensation to be there as witness to the horrible crime he suffered. Because the young woman is an adult, she was able to be sentenced at a regular tribunal and has received 1 year in prison, with 6 months firm (no parole) and the rest to be determined depending on her behavior.

The boy will be judged in juvenile court at a later date.

The spokespeople for the SPA say that poor Mambo is the tip of the iceberg in mistreatment of animals. He’s one of the lucky ones, because he has been saved. But how many more domestic animals are being mistreated and no one knows?

What horrifies me is the cruelty of those kids, who clear have no sense of empathy for another living creature. Even the ones who did not participate directly did nothing to stop the horror. What does our society have to look forward to in the future with kids like this growing up to take over the world? What do parents feel like when they know that their child has done something like this?

Mambo was lucky to have publicity behind him, but we can’t save all of them, and that makes me want to cry even more.

Ciao for now.


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2 thoughts on “Mambo, the most famous dog in France

  1. There’s an article here about that; it’s just horrible!–42883.php

    No photos of the perpetrators, but she admitted that they all laughed….

    Apparently this is the first time in France that an animal has been admitted into the court to give mute testimony against his or her torturer. So at least that’s progress….

  2. It’s worth watching the video on this link to see his good face. He’s such a good, calm boy and I’m glad that he’s getting to see that there are GOOD humans out there as well as the horrible kind.

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