It’s here

Fall really has made it at last. Yesterday was particularly autumnal, cool, rainy, dark. I loved it!

Okay, yes, I’m insane, but I just love when the weather gets cozy. As long as it’s not bucketing down with rain when I’m out with the dog and no raincoat, it doesn’t bother me when it rains. I think it’s rebound from all those years in L.A. when you have no appreciable rain for so much of the year, then it all comes on the same day in January or February, causing mudslides. Having normal rain on a regular basis is just easier.

Where it really is noticeable that Fall is here, though, is on our morning walk. Now, at 7 a.m. the sun is still not up. It’s light enough to see, but definitely no need for sunglasses. And, if I time it right, I get to see the sunrise, which is often spectacular and makes the whole walk a joy. Still, I know that in a few weeks we’re going to have to change our routine and go back to walking along the road. I really like that less because it’s noisier but also more dangerous. People still insist on driving way too fast in and around the village, and there are times when it’s downright scary!

The other wonderful thing about the weather right now is that the house is always comfortable again. We don’t need to close up all the shutters and windows for most of the day, so we can get all the light and air. We’re back to needing a light blanket for sleeping and our bedroom stays at 19 degrees (66 F) which is just about right for a good night’s sleep.

So, call me crazy, but I like it.

Ciao for now.


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8 thoughts on “It’s here

  1. i’m with you, autumn is wonderful! when i lived in the midwest (of the U.S.) it was also just gorgeous! all those deciduous trees showing off their new fall wardrobes, often in waves as each type of tree put on its show and then gave way to another. here (oregon, west coast) we don’t see much of that unless we drive up into the mountains. mostly we just go directly from baking no rain to constant rain. but when it does do an interim season, even though it’s not as spectacularly beautiful as in the midwest or northeast, it’s still delightful. cooler days, nights just right for comfortable sleeping. and there’s just a specific aroma in the air, i’m not sure what it is but it’s readily identifiable. i just smells like fall. love it!

    • Rave, same in Los Angeles. We were lucky to live on a street that had trees that did change color, but you felt like the changed color for a day or two, then all the leaves fell off and it was gone!

      I hadn’t realized how much I missed seasons until we moved and had them again. Constant sunshine is nice for a while, but even that gets boring!

  2. When I lived farther north and dog-walked in the winter dark, I made sure to carry a flashlight of some kind. Might be useful for you–just flashing the light at the ground lets a car know there’s someone at the edge of the road, especially if conditions aren’t great.

    • I do take a flashlight, MG, but we also wear yellow reflective vests! You are legally obligated to have them in your car here in case of a road emergency, so when I bought them for the car I picked up a couple extras for dog walking. They make a huge difference.

      We even loaned them to friends this summer when they decided to bike through the gorges and they said it made them feel much safer, even in daylight.

    • Believe me, MG, the first time you are nearly run down by one of those horrible little motorbikes, you find some way to save your skin!

  3. I cant agree with you about autumn. It’s the worst time; all that dying and mess. I love spring and its freshness, summer and the blowsy fullness and winter, unless it’s pouring down, is so crisp and cold it makes you feel good to be out in it. Sorry!

    • I suppose to me it feels “nesty” as opposed to sad. Maybe I like the coziness of it. Also, a lot of our friends who are really busy in the summer, suddenly have more time in the fall and winter to get together to play cards or have an easy dinner and conversation.

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